UFC 129: Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida – Knockout Video

April 30, 2011

UFC 129 main card was the bout between Jake Shields and Georges St. Pierre but you can’t deny the heavyweight bout between Lyoto Machida and Randy Couture was insanely amazing even more when you get to see the amazing knockout kick Lyoto performed on Couture, you definitely don’t want to miss this!!

UFC 129 Machida Couture

In the heavyweight bout between Machida and Couture I really was expecting an amazing fight. It was insane but way too fast, I mean it is official, today age won over years of experience and believe me, I totally adore Randy but what the heck was he thinking? He should have seen that deadly kick from Machida coming. He hesitated twice before pulling the last kick that sent Couture to the floor.

This shocking knockout kick was the last for Randy, who said this was going to be his last fight, Randy has retired in the past I think that was about 4 or 5 years ago, you can help on that one, but then he was back and ready to take the title that was taken from him. His return took place at UFC 68 against Tim Sylvia, which he won by unanimous decision, yeap he was back, I wonder will this crane kick mark his definite retirement from the UFC?

Randy’s last fight before this was against James Toney at UFC 118, which he won in the first round, Lyoto on the other hand lost to Quinton Jackson at UFC 123 and another loss against Rua in UFC 113 so I guess for Machida this win over Couture feels like a summer freeze on a hot day.

Lyoto Machida’s amazing crane kick on Couture came during the minute 4:00 in the second round, Randy was knocked on the floor and Lyoto jumped over him but the referee stopped the fight. This KO kick became the knockout of the night!

OK! Now I am dying to see this knockout video and then read all of your comments, do you think Randy will retire for sure or do you think he will challenge Machida and get his pride back so he can retire like a champ? I think that would be awesome, don’t you? Check out Lyoto vs. Randy’s fight pictures below.

Lyoto Machida UFC 129Randy Couture UFC 129UFC 129 Machida Couture 1UFC 129 Machida Couture 3UFC 129 Machida Couture 4

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Dominic Chan

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