Tattoo Artist for Mike Tyson Sues ‘Hangover 2′ Producers

April 30, 2011

The iconic ink work on the boxer’s face is one-of-a-kind and that’s how it should stay according to Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist. The ‘Hangover 2′ producers are now being sued by S. Victor Whitmill who is accusing them of copyright infringement. Check out the battle details below.

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In the movie, after a crazy night, the bachelor Ed Helms wakes up with a tattoo on his face that looks amazingly similar to the heavyweight’s. The designer claims that he hasn’t let anyone else get anything similar and is fuming mad!

Now if money isn’t paid and/or the movie isn’t edited, there may be a big legal battle resulting in not releasing the movie. Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist claims to have come up with the artwork in 2003 and got it copyrighted. Therefore when he saw they planned on using the tattoo design in the ‘Hangover 2′, he filed legal actions against Warner Bros. Apparently they didn’t ask or credit him and the court document read:

“When Mr. Whitmill created the Original Tattoo, Mr. Tyson agreed that Mr. Whitmill would own the artwork and thus, the copyright in the Original Tattoo.”

We have not heard comment from the studio, but it sounds to me like Whitmill has a good case. I don’t think he would file a suit he wasn’t sure he had the copyright. And when you look at the pictures from the movie, it is the exact same design. Though it is funny, I think we will see either a different tattoo in the movie or a completely different idea.

What do you think about the claims of the tattoo artist for Mike Tyson? The ‘Hangover 2′ definitely copied the design, but did they break the law? Do you think we will be able to see the movie as planned? Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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Photos:, DJDM, Nikki Nelson

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