Most Memorable Celebrity Mugshots in Sports

April 30, 2011

Have a closer look at the these memorable mugshots taken of your favorite athletes, we have prepared some of the most shocking, funny or ridiculous celebrity mugshots in sports all over so check them out!!

Athlete Mugshot

Here they are, some of the best in sports, featuring players from MLB, NBA, NHL, Tennis, Figure Skating and so much more!

Don King

Did you think Don King always had that big hair? Well the shots below show you he didn’t. He was arrested in 1959 and 1984 with charges of manslaughter, it was very ugly, King killed a man who owed him money, he was sentenced to life in jail, but the sentenced was reduced to 15 years behind bars.

Mike Tyson 1 2 3Mike Tyson 1 2 3 4

Mike Tyson has several mugs. The first in 1991 when he was charged with assault, second in 2004 when he was charged with misdemeanor criminal damage, third in 2006 for drunk driving and cocaine possession, last one in 2007 when he pleaded guilty to the charges of 2006.

Charles Barkley 1Charles Barkley

Another athlete who has several of these pics is Charles Barkley, starting in 1991 when he gave a man a nasty punch on his face, 6 years later he was arrested once again for aggravated battery and resisting arrest, in 2008 for DUI and the following year when he served his 2008 DUI sentence.

OJ SimpsonO J Simpson

O.J Simpson’s first mugshot took place in 1994 when he was charged for allegedly killing his wife Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. You must remember he was found innocent, but then in 2007 he was arrested for an alleged armed robbery plus assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy. The following year for kidnapping and robbery with a weapon.

Lawrence Taylor 1Lawrence Taylor 1 1

Lawrence Taylor had his first mug in 1996 for drug possession, in 2009 for a hit and run incident last May he was arrested for the alleged rape of an underage girl.

Scottie Pippen 1

In 1999 Scottie Pippen had this taken, why? Drunk driving, he refused to take the breathalyzer test and he failed the sobriety one.

Carmelo Anthony 1

Another Drunk Driving arrest took place in April 2008, when by that time Denver Nuggets player Carmelo Anthony had his pic taken. He was 23.

Plaxico Burress

Carrying a gun into the locker-room has been forbidden after New York Giants player Plaxico Burress had an accidental shooting at a nightclub, his shot was taken when he was arrested for that matter in 2009. He was sentenced to two years in jail.

Michael Vick 1 2

23 months was the sentence Michael Vick received in 2007 when he pleaded guilty to dog fighting and torturing animal charges, the following year he had his second mug when he was transferred to a federal prison in Kansas.

Kobe Bryant

July, 2003 was the date Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant posed for the cameras at the Colorado police station who took his mugshot after they arrested Bryant for alleged assault.

Randy Moss

See this guy in the mugshot below? Believe it or not that is Randy Moss when he was arrested in 2002 after he was pulled over by the police in Minneapolis for careless driving.

Darryl Strawberry

In 1999 former MLB right fielder Darryl Strawberry was arrested and this pic was released. The charges on him? Allegedly soliciting a lady of the night’s service and drug possession, Ouch!

Jennifer Capriati 1

Check out this very young Jennifer Capriati, unfortunately this is not a picture she is so crazy about, this was the mugshot Coral Gables police took when she was charged with possession of marijuana.

Tonya Harding 1 2 3

In 2000 the mug of figure skater Tonya Harding was released, she was arrested and charged with domestic violence after she allegedly kicked her boyfriend.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson had his pic taken in 2002, he was charged with possession of marijuana and carrying a gun. He was sentenced to community service.

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd was charged with domestic violence towards his ex-wife actress Joumana Kidd, he was sentenced to anger management classes. This shot of Kidd was taken in 2001.

Sergei Fedorov

Anna Kournikova’s ex-boyfriend NHL player Sergei Fedorov had his in 2001 when he was charged with DUI and running a red light, he was sentenced to community service.

Brock Lesnar

In 2001 a large amount of steroids were found in possession of former WWE champion now MMA fighter Brock Lesnar.

Dennis Rodman 1 2

NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman was first arrested in 1999, he was charged with drunk driving and driving without a license. The same charges in 2004 and for domestic violence in 2008, this is one of Dennis’ mugshots.

Josh Hamilton

Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton’s mug was taken in 2005 when he was arrested and charged by the North Carolina police with DUI and property damage.

Gilbert Arenas

NBA player Gilbert Arenas was first arrested in 2006 when he disobeyed an officer, his second arrest and mugshot was in 2010 when that guns in the locker-room took place along with fellow teammate Javaris Crittenton.

Ron Artest 1 2 3 4 5 6

Los Angeles Lakers player Ron Artest had this shot in 2007 when he was arrested by the California police, he was charged with domestic violence.

Chris Jericho 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

WWE wrestler and former Dancing with the Stars dancer Chris Jericho was charged with public drunkenness in 2010, this was the mug released that day.

Warren Sapp

Also in 2010 Ex- NFL player Warren Sapp was arrested, this was taken when he was booked by the Miami Beach police after he allegedly got involved in a domestic battery with his girlfriend.

Roger Clemens

Cy Award recipient and former MLB player Roger Clemens was arrested and charged with possession of enhancing drugs in August 2010.

Floyd Mayweather

Grand larceny was the charge boxer Floyd Mayweather had in September 2010 by Las Vegas police, he was accused by his girlfriend and baby mama.

What are your thoughts about these athletes’ mugshots? Which is your favorite? Least favorite?


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