NFL 2011 Draft Recap – Round 1

April 28, 2011

ESPN televised the 2011 NFL Draft tonight, Thursday April 28th where we saw emotional players hearing their names and overjoyed families proud of their sons. We have all the exciting highlights in this recap plus don’t miss the video we have added for you below.

Cam Newton 1 2

When we think about American football, we think tough guys playing football but the draft is the totally opposite. In fact just to be watching it you can’t help to get very emotional, the faces of these young guys is filled with joy, hope that this is the beginning of their dreams becoming true. Yes, that is amazing, but you guys the faces of their parents I can’t describe but I think you can get a picture — so proud of their babies, yes babies in the hearts of a mother and a father, their big sons are always their babies so deal with it!

21 year-old Cam Newton is the #1 pick in the draft. This amazing quarterback from Auburn got picked by the Carolina Panthers. Von Miller, a 22 year-old linebacker from Texas A&M is the #2 overall pick by the Denver Broncos. Miller went to DeSoto High School, he did amazing things there. 21 year-old Marcell Dareus is the defensive tackle from Alabama that became the #3 over pick by the Buffalo Bills Marcell was last year’s BCS National Championship Defense MVP. Adriel Jeremiah “Green also known as A. J.” Green became the #4 overall pick, this linebacker from the University of Georgia was picked by the Cincinnati Bengals.

21 year-old Patrick Peterson this young cornerback was the 2010 Thorpe Award winner, he is the #5overall pick drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. Julio Jones a 22 year-old wide receiver from the University of Alabama he is #6 pick chosen by the Atlanta Falcons. The #7 overall pick is Aldon Smith from Washington, he will be playing for the San Francisco 49ers. 22 year-old Jake Locker is 6’3”, he was the #8 pick drafted by the Tennessee Titans. Tyron Smith from the University of North Carolina is the 20 year-old offensive tackle who became the #9 pick drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, he also happens to be last year’s Morris Trophy recipient.

Missouri Tigers’ 21 year-old quarterback Blaine Gabbert is the #10 pick signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, the 2010 Loft Trophy winner J.J Watts from Central Michigan University was the #11 overall pick drafted by the Houston Texans. 23 year-old Christian Ponder, a strong quarterback from Florida State University was the #12 pick, he will play for the Minnesota Vikings, 21 year-old defensive tackle Nick Fairley from Auburn was drafted by the Detroit Lions and was the #13 pick.

#14 overall pick was Robert Quinn, the 20 year-old defensive end standing at 6’5” who became a member of the St. Louis Rams. The Florida Gators picked 21 year-old Mike Pouncey from the University of Florida, he was the 15th overall pick, his twin brother Maurice was picked by the Steelers. Purdue Senior Ryan Kerrigan, the 22 year-old defensive end, is the #16 pick who will play with the Washington Redskins.

23 year-old Nate Solder, a senior at University of Colorado at Boulder, became the #17 pick you can seen this 6’8” offensive tackle playing with the New England Patriots. The 21 year-old junior at the University of Illinois was the #18 pick drafted by the San Diego Chargers, Prince Amukamara, an amazing cornerback at Nebraska was the #19th pick. He will be playing for the New York Giants. 22 year old Adrian Clayborn, a defensive end, was the 2009 National Defensive Performer of the Year and 2010 Orange Bowl MVP, the #20 pick drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Defensive tackle Phil Taylor of Baylor College, was the #21 pick drafted by the Cleveland Browns, Boston College offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo became Indianapolis Colts’ #22 pick, Anthony is 311 pounds and stands at 6’7”, Danny Watkins, the Baylor guard, was the #23 pick who will be signed on the roster of the Philadelphia Eagles, 21 year-old Cameron Jordan from beautiful Chandler, Arizona is the #24 pick drafted by the New Orleans Saints, the #25 pick was James Carpenter, the Alabama Crimson Tide guard was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks. Jon Balwin, a wide receiver from the Pittsburgh Panthers, was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens and this 21 year-old junior became NFL’s #26 pick.

The 22 year-old cornerback from Colorado, Jimmy Smith, was the #27 overall pick drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. Finally the wait is over for Mark Ingram, NFL’s #28 pick from Alabama now a player for the New Orleans Saints. Gabe Carimi aka the Jewish Hammer, is the 22 year-old offensive tackle from Wisconsin, he was the #29 pick drafted by the Chicago Bears. The #30 pick was selected by the New York Jets, who choose Muhammad Wilkerson, a defensive tackle that stands at 6’5”. The Steelers drafted 21 year-old defensive tackle Cameron Hayward from Ohio State. And last but not least, the overall pick at #32 was chosen by the Green Bay Packers, offensive tackle Derek Sherrod from Mississippi State.

Tomorrow, Friday the 29th, we will bring you round #2 of this exciting 2011 NFL Draft, but now tell me what do you think of these first round of players selected, did you, like me, think for a second Mark Ingram was not gong to be selected tonight? From which of these new NFL players can we expect awesome things? Watch Roger Goodell getting booed by the fans and the draft highlights video below.

Darrelle Revis Stephen A SmithPrince AmukamaraAJ GreenMark IngramMuhammad WilkersonNick FairleyPatrick PetersonAdrian ClaybornGabe CarimiMarcell DareusTyron SmithJake Locker 1

Photos: Nikki Nelson, D. Salters,, Palcic, Zwilson14, Despeaux

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