Jason Hunter’s Girlfriend Allegedly Stabs Him

April 27, 2011

Have you heard the news about another wife well in this case girlfriend stabbing her man? Another one? You got that right, Denver Broncos linebacker Jason Hunter has been allegedly stabbed by his 23 year-old girlfriend but who is his girlfriend? Keep reading to know more about this scandalous story and don’t miss the news video provided below.

StabbedJason Hunter

Wxyz.com reported this exclusive story about the 27 year-old North Carolina native who was stabbed on the left shoulder allegedly by his 23 year-old girlfriend, using a knife during an incident this morning in Denver.

Hunter’s girlfriend remains unidentified, but we do know that she was in custody by the Denver police but she won’t be facing any charges. She could have been charged with felonious assault, that could have been at least one of them and that could happen unless her wounded boyfriend changes his mind about not wanting to press charges against her. His agent, Robert B. Walker from ussportsmanagement.com tweeted these…

“Out of respect for his and his family’s privacy we have no additional comment at this time. He has a great support group around him now. I’m aware of the situation regarding my client #JasonHunter, he is a solid young man and has a great family……. #JasonHunter my client needs your prayers today. He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Thank you in advance for your prayers. I’ve spoken to my client Jason Hunter and it’s a very minor injury, just a few stitches. He’ll be fine. We thank you for your prayers.”

ESPN said Jason hasn’t answered any questions left by the Associated Press and he hasn’t released any information about why, where or how exactly he was stabbed. His team since last August 20th said they hope and pray Hunter makes a quick recovery, adding that they won’t make any further comments out of respect.

But after all this stabbing your athlete boyfriend epidemic that is going on since just less than a week ago we found out Michi Nogami-Marshall stabbed her husband Brandon Marshall, are we going to know the name of Jason Hunter’s girlfriend? Very unlikely since she will not face any charges, there won’t be any mugshot picture either, this whole bloody mess can go undercover per-say, but no doubt that the moment we hear this chick’s name you’ll be the first to know unless you already know her name. Do you?

Photo: Wikipedia.org/ Jeffrey Beall

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