Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: La Liga/Champions League Match Highlights (All Goals Video)

April 27, 2011

Will Barcelona get their revenge on Real Madrid or will Madrid show they are stronger? Find out all the exciting highlights of this Champions League match or if you prefer in Spanish La Liga or El Clasico Espanol and some might even know it as El Derbi Espanol, between two great teams Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Find out what happened minute after minute and don’t miss the video below of all the goals.

UEFA Champions League

The match is about to begin at the Satiago Bernabeu, we are expecting 4-3-3 on both team’s squads, and these are the players from both teams who will play today, April 27th. 2011 In Barcelona we won’t be seeing Andres Iniesta but the team’s captain Carles Puyol makes his comeback during the third match where these long time rivals face each other.

Team’s Squads: Real Madrid: Casillas, Ronaldo, Ramos, DiMaria, Alonso, Arbeloa, Albiol,Ozil, Pepe, Diarra their coach is Jose Mourihno

Barcelona: Valdes, Messi, Hernandez, Villa, Puyol, Mascherano, Pique, Alves, Busquets, Xavi, Keita, Pedro, Josep Guardiola as their coach.

01′ The match started Madrid took the ball and Villa stole it from them. 03′ Keita tackled Diarra and that gave Real Madrid their free kick, 05′ Xavi Hernandez kicked the ball and that went into Iker’s grip.

07′ Now it was the turn for Madrid to shoot to score, Ronaldo took the hit and that ball went also into Valdes’ grip.

08′ Pedro has the ball but a Madrid player won’t let him get away with. Then the whistle sounded and that was a fault by Barca, the ball goes to Madrid. 10′ Villa made a strong hit but it was useless, the ball went outside just a few inches from Iker’s pole.

12′ Pepe receives his first warning after he bundled Messi. It seems to me that during this match Barcelona acts more like locals than Madrid, Ronaldo is not doing pretty much nothing and Barcelona seems way too confident from Madrid fans’ taste.

19′ DiMaria has the ball, but Pique steals. Now it is Messi who has the ball, Diarra intercepted him and the ball is in the locals’ possession with Marcelo in the front and then the first corner kick for Madrid. Great performance by Marcelo putting a lot of pressure to Barca.

23′ Ronaldo recovers the ball but just 10 meters from Iker’s goal zone, Pique has the ball now it went to Keita who recovered the ball, el Guaje Marcelo stopped him and both end up on the floor.

24′ Ohhhhh! Xavi shot and Iker blocked it by throwing himself on the field, Wow!

26′ The ball is in the hands of Barca but then Madrid recovered. A slow game right now and then it speeds it up with Pique in the lead. Now Messi has the ball but then Ramos rolled him over.

28′ Dani Alves has the ball then he is on the ground after Pepe crowded him out, 29′ Xavi took the shot but it was way too high, the third chance for Xavi.

32′ Villa and Pedro have the ball and the Hand? Yes from Villa and the ball is for Casillas. 34′ Villa committed a fault on Marcelo that gave a free kick to Madrid.

36′ Dani Alves, after he apparently bundled DiMaria, that looked more like he threw himself to me.

38′ Cristiano took the free kick it landed on the wall. 39′ Yellow card to Arbeloa after he took down Pedro, I see Kaka warming up, but there are only less than 5 minutes in this first half.

43′ Dani Alves gets a yellow card after he crossed over DiMaria, now Marcelo’s elbow hits Busquets’ face. Ronaldo took a disappointing hit that ended on the wall but he was not over.

45′ A powerful kick, a difficult one for Valdes, the ball is loose and Ozil took the kick. Valdes stops it again then it was Ramos that sends it to the sky.

The first half is over after 2 minutes were added in the injury time but then a fight started as players went to the locker-rooms what players are there? Milito, Valdes (no surprise) Pinto is there as well and Arbeola, OK!!! Now there are too many people there. Oh Man this is not good Pinto received a red card, Barcelona is without their second goalkeeper during the second half and probably for the next game also, that is because he was punished last time when he faked a whistle sound, what happened? Pinto slapped Arbeloa on his face, a little girl don’t you think?

The second half is about to start, Real made their first change Adebayor for Arbeloa, the match began and once again taking over the match.

47′ Messi took a shoot and it was blocked by Ramos’ leg.

50′ Cristiano has the ball OK this might get interesting he shot the ball and Valdes in not where he should be but Puyol stopped the ball.

52′ Messi has the ball, he is tackled by Ramos but good Ramos gets a yellow card.

53′ Xaviiii took the free kick, not good. 56′ Mascherano sent Pepe to the air, free kick for Madrid. 57′ Too many faults during this second half, Pepe got a red card.

Puyol is talking with Mourihno what can he possibly be talking with Mourihno? Judging from his face he is not liking it, the heat he is starting to feel in the Bernabeueu and no way!! Mourihno gets kicked out he applauded the fourth referee with sarcasm and all he has left is to pass notes to his assistant coach.

68′ Villa took a shot and Iker nearly touched it with the tip of his gloves but good enough to send it out, Pedro in on the ground clearly in pain, Marcelo stepped on his leg, 70″ Barcelona made his first change Afellay stepped in for Pedro. 71′ a hand from Busquets.

74′ Shakiro I mean Pique and Cristiano crashed, both are on the floor but the referee gave Madrid the free kick not good, Ronaldo missed!!

76′ Gooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!! by Messi even Ramos couldn’t stop La Pulga (Messi). That ball went in from between Iker’s legs.

81′ Messi tried to score again, Ramos stopped him Messi is on the floor and the #5 is under him Adebayor tries to take it, Messi tries to stand up and then Ramos fell on his shoulder blade, no fault.

86′ Messi once again has the ball, he is running, nobody can seem to stop him, and he shoots, Gooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!!! by Messi.

89′ Sergio Roberto, a young new player in Barcelona goes in for David Villa, 91′ Real Madrid tries to get close to Valdes’ zone but they can’t. Barca took the ball, 2 minutes are added on the injury time but nothing happened and then the whistle sounds, this is over, Barcelona wins 2-0 over Madrid. Sweet revenge? I think so!

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Real Madrid 1 2 3Barcelona 1 2 3 4 5Cristiano Ronaldo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Lionel Messi 1 2 3 4 5

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