What Celebrities were at the Lakers vs. Hornets Game? Find Out!!

April 27, 2011

Last night at the Lakers vs. Hornets game we saw the Los Angeles crush New Orleans, but we also happened to see a hot list of celebrities at the game, from loyal fan Jack Nicholson to a bored David Beckham and Megan Fox with a tiny Lakers shirt. Keep reading to know who were the celebs at the Lakers game in the story below.

Lakers Game

On Tuesday night in Los Angeles, celebrities witnessed the Lakers win over the New Orleans Hornets with a final score of 106-90 that was game 5, this win puts L.A in the lead 3-2. We saw great performances from Lamar Odom, two insane dunks by Kobe Bryant, watched Ron Artest receive the citizenship award and we saw some of the top Lakers celebrity fans, which celebrities were at the Lakers game?

As usual Jack Nicholson was there in his V.I.P seat, Andy Garcia was there also with his beautiful daughter Dominik Garcia Lorido, Ice Cube with his lovely family, Zac Efron (alone), Stephen Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jon Hamn, Kevin Hart, Reggie Bush, Pete Wentz, Penny Marshall, Nick Swardson, Joe Adler, Tiger Woods’ mom Kutilda Woods and Ken Jeong. Cisco Adler, Brian Austin Green with his lovely wife Megan Fox who is getting her Marilyn Monroe tattoo erased and who showed off her flat belly wearing a tiny Laker shirt. Carlo Ortega was the lucky winner of the Game 5 ticket giveaway sponsored by Scorebig.com.

The celebs that called my attention were David Beckham. Obviously his handsomeness always calls many ladies’ attention and he was sitting next to Jeremy Piven. The first time the camera showed Becks he was seen smiling and happily talking to Piven, moments later he looked clearly bored maybe about something Jeremy was talking to him about, judging from his face it looks like whatever Piven was telling him he wasn’t interested, I wonder what it could be?? Would that be wardrobe advice for the Royal Wedding? Nah! He has Victoria for that, or maybe he was talking him into a guest appearance on Entourage the movie? Whatever it was I think David won’t be sitting next to Jeremy during the next Lakers game, right?

Am I missing any other celebrities that you can think of? What celebrity should be the #1 Laker fan, after Jack of course? While you think of that, check out the celebs at the Lakers game in the photos below.

Cisco Adler 1Andy GarciaIce CubeJeremy PivenCisco AdlerJoe AdlerJon HamnKutilda WoodsMegan Fox Brian Austin GreenNick SwardsonPenny MarshallMegan Fox Brian Austin Green 1Reggie Bush 1 2 3Zac Efron

Photos: www.wenn.com/ GENIUS

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