No. 1 NFL Draft Picks History Forgot

April 27, 2011

While a lot of hype always surrounds the No.1 NFL draft pick, you’d be surprised how often they end up an overpriced flop! Let’s take a look at a few prodigies that history forgot.

Ashton Kutcher

Some of these teams would have probably rather have had Ashton Kutcher than who they ended up with. Though most of the time injuries could be partially blamed, but the teams’ fans wont soon forget these highly paid flops!

Tim Couch 1999 (Browns)

Tim Couch, situation ally, might be the most unlucky player on this list. A stellar QB at Kentucky for three years, Couch went into the draft early after his Junior year. Due to the star-quality of the QB’s in that draft, it was known as the “Year of the Quarterback.” The NCAA record holder to this day for completion percentage in a game was taken first over Syracuse’s Donevan McNabb by the newly reintroduced Cleveland Browns. The Browns were expected to have the usual expansion team slump for their first couple of seasons, but no one could have predicted their star QB would have failed so badly! Injured for a lack of a solid offensive line, the prodigal QB only lasted 5 seasons with Cleveland.

Should have taken: Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia Eagles)

Ki-Jana Carter 1995 (Bengals)

Physiclly, Carter was by far the least lucky person on my list. Ki-Jana was another college student who left for the NFL draft after his junior season. Still, the player went with the blessing of coach Joe Paterno, who said “this is the first time I have told anybody who has not graduated that I felt they ought to leave.” Taken by a struggling Bengals team, the RB had two solid runs in his first NFL game before tearing his ACL. After that, he was never the same. His career best season after the injury was only 464 yards. Clearly a bust, I guess that’s just the risk teams take!

Should have taken: Steve McNair (No. 3, Houston Oilers)

David Carr 2002 (Texans)

Another expansion victim, Carr was drafted by the Texans after completing four stellar years at Fresno State. Some analysts worried the non-BCS QB’s numbers would be bloated and Carr wouldn’t deliver. Got that one right! I have to feel for the guy though. In his first season he won only four games and was sacked an NFL record 76 times! He also set the record for fumble recoveries (most his own) at 12. The former No.1 finished 5 years with Houston before going to Carolina and then the NY Giants.

Should have taken: Julius Peppers (No. 2, Carolina Panthers)

Courtney Brown 2000 (Browns)

At first, you’d have thought the horrible management for the Browns had made up for their 1999 disaster with Courtney Brown. For his rookie season, Brown put up solid numbers as a backup DE. Sadly, this promising young kid was another victim of the dreaded knee injury. The DE never recoverd and he was cut in 2007 after failing a physical.

Should have taken: Brian Urlacher (No. 9, Chicago Bears)

JaMarcus Russell 2007 (Raiders)

Who wouldn’t want to draft a 6ft. 6in. 265 lb QB who was voted MVP of the Sugar Bowl? The Raiders, that’s who. Oakland got caught up in the hype of the biggest QB the NFL’s seen in years and overlooked the LSU QB’s horrific work ethic and inherent inability to throw quick, accurate short passes. From the start this guy was bad news, holding out on contract negotiations into the first week of the regular season. Oakland finally capitulated and gave him a $68 million contract for 6 years, with $31.5 million guaranteed! Needless to say, the QB went from bad to worse. Constantly giving up double the number of turnovers to touchdowns, finishing his career with 15 lost fumbles and an 18-23 TD-INT ratio. Ouch!

Should have taken: Adrian Peterson (No. 7, Minnesota Vikings)

Can you believe Peterson went at number seven?! Still, none of these compare to the unanimous pick for the worst draft of all time, Ryan Leaf. Check out a video of him below. If the NFL manages to sort out its unprecedented collective bargaining breakdown this year, who do you think will go No. 1 in the 2011 NFL Draft? LSU’s CB Patrick Peterson is much hyped along with Texas A&M’s OLB Von Miller. Give me your thoughts in the comment section!

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