Michi Nogami-Marshall’s 911 Call: ‘Please Come It’s An Emergency’

April 27, 2011

What exactly did Brandon Marshall’s wife say when she made the emergency call? Listen to Michi Nogami Marshall’s 911 call in yhe story below, plus find out the latest sportd news like Carl Everett arrested for assault, Jay Cutler gets engaged, Karina Smirnoff falling on stage, Hank Baskett’s wife Kendra called a stripper again, Derrick Caracter assaulting an IHOP cashier and more so check it out!

Michi Nogami MarshallBrandon Marshall

Last week we found out the shocking news about Brandon Marshall getting stabbed by the hands of his own wife, 26 year-old Michi Nogami Marshall (maiden name Campbell) she said she did it in self-defense, today TMZ revealed Michi Marshall’s 911 call, where you can clearly hear her saying to the dispatcher “please come, It’s an emergency”.

PopEater brings the news about Hank Baskett’s wife and DWTS contestant Kendra Wilkinson being called a stripper once again even though it was meant to congratulate her. I doubt she was happy about it.

Bumpshack has the exclusive video of Karina Smirnoff tripping over celebrity dancing partner Ralph Macchio’s coat and landing on the floor.

DailyStab tells us how NFL player Jay Cutler took his girlfriend to a romantic getaway to Cabo and asked her to marry him, she said yes and now they are engaged, excuse me here Cabo? A little Spencer and Heidi look alike, right?

DeadSpin reported the story about Seattle Mariners’ Franklyn Gutierrez getting diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome after he took a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. This is where the Mariners sent him after suffering from chronic gastritis.

Huffington Post comes with the news about former MLB player Carl Everett getting arrested on Monday. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and tampering with a witness.

Radar Online has the exclusive news about Los Angeles Lakers Derrick Caracter getting arrested after he allegedly drunkenly harassed a pregnant cashier at an IHOP in New Orleans.

And now back to Michi Nogami Marshall and her husband Brandon. They got married last year, both seemed pretty happy about their relationship so why did she stab him? While he was in the intensive care unit she was held in custody, but not anymore she is free after paying a $7,500 bond to get out of jail, on the other side her husband was also released from the ICU. Read more about it over at SB Nation.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Aruna Gilbert

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