Bianca Tai LaRussa: Tony LaRussa’s Daughter is a Gorgeous Raiders Cheerleader (Photos)

April 25, 2011

Guess who is the newest Oakland Raiders cheerleader? Her name is Bianca Tai LaRussa, and she is the stunning daughter of former MLB player now Baseball Manager Tony LaRussa and his second wife Elaine. Keep reading our story to know all the details about Ms. LaRussa becoming a Raiders cheerleader and why not get to know Bianca a little better.

Bianca Tai LaRussa 1

We all know who Bianca LaRussa’s famous Dad is, right? We will give you a quick look back into the life of this amazing MLB player/manager. He started his MLB career in 1963 with the Kansas City Athletics, followed by the Atlanta Braves in 1971 and his last team, the Chicago Cubs, in 1973. As a manager he began with the Chicago White Sox in 1979 and left in 1986, signed with the Oakland Athletics in 1986 stayed with them for almost 9 years and from 1996 until today he is the amazing manager for the St. Louis Cardinals. He has 4 daughters, Averie and Andrea from his first marriage to Luzette Sarcone and Devon and our cheerleader Bianca with his wife Elaine.

Bianca Tai LaRussa is his eldest from his second marriage and is she who let her family, friends and Twitter followers know she went to the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders tryouts presented by Bud Light. The tryout concluded on April 10th, the finalists returned on Sunday, April 17. Certainly she was among those finalists and on her twitter page she also included many twitpics that got us all into her cheerleader spirit, Go Bianca!

@BiancaTai Bianca LaRussa
A goal and a dream come true- I’m a 2011 Raiderette! I’m so excited to rep an organization that does so much good. #oaklandraiders @RAIDERS

Bianca posted a picture of her and the other 40 Raiderettes who joined her in the tryouts, Ms. LaRussa wore a gorgeous black dress, with her hair down. Her charisma, unique confidence and that gorgeous smile of hers can melt anyone, but what we didn’t know is that Bianca is an experience dancer, according to the Post Dispatch’s Bernie Miklasz, he wasn’t the least bit surprised she made it onto the Raiders Cheerleaders squad, after all her sis Devon is a Choreographer at Contra Costa Musical Theater and Bianca is an amazing dancer herself.

But don’t think she is only beautiful on the outside her kind heart and her family has saved millions of animals with their foundation, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation plus Bianca is a very smart young woman, graduating from Athenian School and the University of California, previously worked at Gagen McCoy when she was a legal clerk and as an officer manager at Fukumae & Saman. And what about her romantic life? Does she have a boyfriend? We will never tell…..

While we still can’t see her in her Raiderettes uniform, we can sure enjoy some of Bianca LaRussa’s beautiful photos below, hey check that out there is one with her sister, another with her father and her gorgeous mother, I see where her beautiful good looks come from, no offense her father, he is very handsome as well.

Bianca Tai LaRussa 1 1Bianca Tai LaRussa 2Bianca Tai LaRussa 3Bianca Tai LaRussa 4Bianca Tai LaRussa 5Bianca Tai LaRussa 6Bianca Tai LaRussa 7Bianca Tai LaRussa 8Bianca Tai LaRussa 9Bianca Tai LaRussa 10Bianca Tai LaRussa 11Bianca Tai LaRussa 12Bianca Tai LaRussa 13

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