Imogen Thomas’ Alleged Affair with Cristiano Ronaldo And Unnamed Premier League Player?

April 18, 2011

Imogen Thomas is a famous Welsh model and television personality, she used to date Tottenham Hotspur’s Jermain Defoe, but now allegations about her getting cozy with Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo have been released plus another Premier League player who can not be named, might sound like Harry Potter but it is the truth she has received a gagged order that banned her from revealing the player and family man’s name. Keep reading to find out all about Imogen’s alleged relationship with Cristiano and the unknown premier league player/ family man in the story below.

Imogen Thomas

Imogen is a stunning 28 year-old Welsh model who became a very well known television personality from her appearances in the 2006 season of Big Brother. As a model she has been on the cover of many popular magazines worldwide like Maxim and Playboy and has been selected Top Sexiest Woman several times. As for her private life she has been rumored to have once dated Katy Perry’s hubby Russell Brand and supermodel Tyson Beckford and sure we know that Imogen is a natural born sports wag, she dated soccer players Jermain Defoe and Matthew Collins, Manchester United star Dwight Yorke plus Jamie Morrison a polo player.

Today a rumor has surfaced relating Thomas and a married premier league player who went to court in order to get a restriction order against Imogen that will forbid her from revealing his name, News of the World allegedly has pictures of her leaving the hotel he was staying, NOTW claimed she stayed a couple of hours, they added that by doing so he broke most soccer club’s ban that don’t allow their players to have sex before a game. The alleged affair lasted over 6 months and they allegedly met in luxury hotels.

According to reports, Imogen was afraid the affair would became public so she turned to PR guru Max Clifford who said she was genuinely afraid about the whole mess being revealed, court protected the player’s name but it didn’t protect her, the thing that really upset her, mostly because she allegedly begged him to protect her name. This is what she reportedly she said..

“When I heard he was going to abandon me and let my name come out, that was when I felt really hurt and betrayed, I believed him when he said he would protect me but he’s only looked out for himself. My world has fallen apart. But he hasn’t lost anything. He can go back to his big house, his wife and kids and still be worshipped when he plays football.”

And that is not all, while we can’t know the name of her alleged affair, there are statements that linked her with Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly during the same time she had the affair with the unknown player, we are talking five years ago. The Daily Mail reported he (Ronaldo) told his pals she was head over heels for him, while she told her friends he couldn’t stop calling her, who is telling the truth? You pick! Meanwhile check out Imogen’s photos and video provided below.

Imogen Thomas 1Imogen Thomas 2Imogen Thomas 3Imogen Thomas 4Imogen Thomas 5Imogen Thomas 6Imogen Thomas 7Imogen Thomas 8Imogen Thomas 9Imogen Thomas 10

Photos: Daniel Dame, Will Alexander

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