Kevin Garnett After Doc Rivers Acts Crazy: “I Need To Drug Test Our Coach”- See Video

April 24, 2011

Why did Celtics Kevin Garnett suggest his coach should be drug tested? What crazy act did Doc Rivers pull at their game? Watch Kevin Garnett in the video below and find out what motivated him to use that line on live television.

Kevin Garnett

Doc Rivers’ team, the Boston Celtics, totally crushed the New York Knicks, even as sad as it sounds and even with Carmelo Anthony on the team, New York can’t seem to find the win. In game 4 against the Celtics they saw how Boston defeated them 101-89 with amazing performances by Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis, Ray Allen and our dear friend Kevin Garnett who had 26 points and 10 rebounds, 21 points and 12 assists for Rondo and 14 for Allen and Big Baby aka Glen Davis, after all these points we can be sure any coach would be ecstatic, which is actually how Doc Rivers felt, a little too much maybe?

It seemed that Rivers’ adrenaline rush sent him high in the sky and that was the perfect opportunity to pull out a joke which is exactly the reason Garnett had to tell ESPN’s sideline reporter Lisa Salters that he needed to drug test his dear coach, his statement made Mrs. Salters laugh hysterically.

“Keep doing it, if it’s going to make him play like this, I’m all for it. It’s probably just a product, you play with those guys, that’s probably what you’re going to get. But I don’t think he could trade it. I think he enjoys playing with them. If there’s a negative side, I guess, that would be it — that no matter how you play, the question will be there. But someday, that’ll be answered too. I’ve got a feeling that he’ll answer them all in the way he’s answering them now. No offense, but I’m more curious about Game 4. I don’t think a whole bunch about that.”

So that was what Coach Rivers said, I don’t see what the big fuss was, but maybe it was one of those times when it’s not what he/she said but how they said it, still that was good enough for Kevin to suggest the drug test….. especially when the crazy talk he had included something like this “IT’S WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITIN’ FOR! HUH?! DAMMIT!” OK that is more like it.

Anyways here is the short but funny Kevin Garnett suggesting a drug test to Doc, at least this time he didn’t drop an FBomb to anyone…

Photos: Patricia Schlein

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