Shocking Video of the Week: Bobby Ryan’s Goal

April 24, 2011

Did you see Bobby Ryan’s amazing goal Friday night? It was insane, which is why we have chosen it as our shocking video of this week, and you don’t want to miss it!

Bobby Ryan

24 year-old Bobby Ryan last September signed a $25.5 million contract with the Anaheim Ducks for the next 5 years, as for his international career, Ryan was among the many awesome hockey players at the Junior USA Team that played at the World Championships in 2006 and again in 2010 in Vancouver where the Winter Olympics were held and where the U.S team won the silver medal. On Friday, in their game against the Nashville Predators, he had a fantastic goal.

Not only did Ryan score this goal but managed to fool David Legwand and completely ignore goalkeeper Pekka Rinne. Ryan received a two game suspension for using his skate to tackle Jon Blum on the foot, luckily for the Ducks he was ready to work his magic on the rink on Friday, and let’s face it this young winger has mastered the art of hat trick records watching him score this go-ahead goal on a backhand shot came as no surprise but still it was freaking awesome!!

When we see plays like this and a performance so outstanding the best we expect is for the team to win, but that was not what happened between Anaheim and Nashville , the Predators regained their confidence and tied the game which ended up pretty well for them as they beat the Ducks 4-3 in overtime, yeap very sad and I still can’t figure for whom is sadder – for Bobby who did that insane goal but lose the game or for the Predators who even though they won, people can only talk about Ryan’s goal?

Ryan’s playoffs goal will become something that some describe as jaw dropping, a lost cause, but for us it is just a shocking video that can’t be ignored, so have a look, share your thoughts, and why not rank the video yourself. On a scale from 1 to 10 where do you think Bobby Ryan’s goal should rank?

Bobby Ryan 1


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