Icons of Baseball: Where Are They Now?

April 21, 2011

They’re our heroes on the field for 9 innings a game, but what happens to Baseball icons when they retire? Find out where recently retired baseball greats are now below!

Jose Canseco  2

Some, if they’re smart, exit the game on top. Most though hang on until they are traded and then retire on a low. Either way though, these former stars have to find a way to fill their time off the diamond, so let’s find out what they’re up to now.

Manny Ramirez – Last Game April 6, 2011

A polarizing player for the fans, Ramirez certainly fits into the latter category of returning players. The former Boston Red-Sox star was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in the waning days of his career, where he eventually retired after only 5 games when he tested positive for a banned substance. Still, the slugger walked away from the game with 555 HR’s under his belt! No doubt a shoe-in for a ‘consultant’ role on one of his past teams.

Ken Griffey Jr. – Last Game May 31,2010

Hitting 630 home runs over his prestigious 21 year career, Junior never landed a stint at a major baseball club. But could this hitting legend really walk away from his game? Dont bet on it. The Griff was recently signed on by the Mariners as a special consultant in February.

Barry Bonds – Last Game September 26, 2007

Perhaps one of the most controversial players of recent times, it’s a surprise Bonds isn’t spending all his time fighting off allegations of cheating! Nicknamed “Asterisk” because most think his MLB home-run record of 762 should have an asterisk next to it noting his steroid use, the former Giants hitter still maintains that he’s not officially retired. Still, he hasn’t received interest from any team since he was dropped by San Francisco in 2008. Where’s this icon of baseball now? Probably sitting by the phone.

Jose Canseco – Last Game October 6, 2001

By far the most entertaining post-baseball career choice out of any one on this list is Jose Canseco’s. The former slugger dropped the bat in 2001, and decided to go into MMA! His official record of 0-1 is not too impressive, but it’s his extremely cowardly style of fighting that makes it so hilarious. Facing off against Choi Hong-man in Japan in 2009, the former slugger basically ran around the ring for 2 minutes before tapping out from strikes. You have to admit though, Choi is a massive scary dude (watch the video of this at the bottom of the page!).

A few more baseball icons include: Cal Ripken, Jr. who’s rejoined the Orioles as an ‘adviser,’ Nolan Ryan is a fitness instructor, and Mark McGwire is a hitting coach. What do you think of these retired Baseball stars’ new careers? Give me your thoughts in the comment section!

Jose Canseco  1 Barry Bonds  1 Barry Bonds  2 Ken Griffey Jr  1 Ken Griffey Jr  2

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