Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: King’s Cup Final Recap, Results, Highlights & Goals – Video

April 20, 2011

The Spanish King’s Cup took place in Valencia where we saw Spain’s great giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, in one of Spain’s biggest and most famous tournaments, the King’s Cup. Who won? Let’s find out in the recap we have for you where you will know the highlights, watch a video of the goals and so much more of this amazing game.

Real Madrid 1

Barcelona’s captain, Carles Puyol, is not playing, it seemed that Saturday’s game when we saw him complaining about the game his tendinitis clearly affected him for that reason Xavi Hernandez is today’s captain. No relevant changes in Madrid, we are seeing the same squad from their last game, this was todays’ players’ squad from both teams.

Number Real Madrid

1 Casillas
4 Ramos
3 Pepe
12 Marcelo
2 Carvalho
24 Khedira
14 Alonso
9 Benzema
7 Ronaldo
22 DiMaria
18 Albiol
Coach Mourinho
Number Barcelona
1 Valdes
13 Pinto
3 Pique
6 Xavi
21 Adriano
16 Busquets
14 Mascherano
10 Messi
17 Pedro
7 Villa
8 Iniesta
Coach Guardiola

The first half began and since the beginning both teams grew pretty aggressive, it seemed we saw more faults than soccer, no surprise when Sergio Ramos was in the middle of an argument with Gerard Pique, Real Madrid shot to score two times in a row, but Barca’s goalkeeper Pinto was in a great position and the shot ended up outside the field. El guaje was ready to shoot but lost the ball, then all of the sudden he was on the floor, apparently in pain after an alleged tackle from Ramos. Madrid was not believing he was injured two tall Real players picked him up with no real difficulty and David Villa was furious.

Pedro and Pepe ran to a loose ball when Pepe brought Pedro down in a tackle that granted him the first yellow card of the game during the 26’ minute, a great pass from Ozil to Cristiano, but he wasn’t able to score and Pinto collected the #5. The first ended after the 2 minutes in the injury time. The score 0-0.

The second half took off, starting with a an amazing pass from Villa to Iniesta to latch onto, but he’s felled by Arbeloa on the 48’. Then we saw Alves steal possession from Di Maria, but then it disappears and so it went, his cross attempt is blocked off for a throw. On the minute 57 we saw Villa shooting to score but his attempt is intercepted when it found the side netting. That’s twice in ten minutes for Barca. Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal for Messi of FC Barcelona on the minute 69’ or at least that was what it seemed to be until the referee said it did not count, just 5 minutes after he (Messi )was booked with a yellow card.

First change comes from Madrid. Ozil stepped out and Adebayor comes in in the minute 70’, four minutes later he received a yellow card after Mascherano landed on the floor. Ronaldo nearly gets to shoot the ball, but Dani Alves blocked him, minutes were added to the injury time the game still is 0-0 and we were ready for 30 more extra minutes.

The first 15 minutes began at the Mestalla, ‘Khedira gives away a free-kick on the minute 96′ by fouling Iniesta, Ronaldo kicks the ball but this goes a few cms. from the pole and outside the field, and when Barca least expected it, Ronaldo hit a header and goaaaaaaaaalllllll!!!!!! setting the score 1-0 in the minute 103′. Madrid had another change, Granero for Khedira while Barcelona still hasn’t changed any players, he should have already there are some tired players. And It seemed he noticed that too, Guardiola sent Afellay for Villa and a minute later (108′) Keita enters for Busquets.

Last change for Madrid, Carvalho for Garay, DiMaria gets a red card for faking an injury, but after the last two minutes ended and Messi failed a free kick, the referee blew the whistle, it was all over and Real Madrid is the new King’s Cup champions for 2011. Great job to all of the players and coaches and last but not least to Iker, the octopus who predicted Madrid would be the winners.

Real Madrid players received the King’s Cup by the hand of the King of Spain Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia but before they went up in the stands they lifted Mourihno in the air several times, this was one of the few times I actually saw the Portuguese coach wearing a big smile on his face. Iker Casillas, Madrid’s captain and goalkeeper received the cup, I wouldn’t be surprised if he cries again, watch out Sara he will kiss you on live television once again, LOL!!

What do you think of this game? Pretty exciting hah? Share your comments and thoughts with us and relive the great moments of the King’s Cup championship, all the goals are in the video below.

Barcelona 1 2 3 4Barcelona 2Real Madrid 1 1Real Madrid 1 2

Photos:, José Porras,,,

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