NBA Playoff Predictions!

April 19, 2011

It is that time year again, NBA playoff time that is, with the first round officially underway. Basketball fans all over have been glued to the TV to see if their team is up to the challenge of making their way to the championship game.

LA Lakers

Sixteen teams are currently fighting to move to the next round of the 2011 NBA playoffs. I could list off all the teams but let’s face it if you watch the sport you know who is in. Heck I am not even a huge fan and I still know who is battling it out on the court.

That being said I realize that round one has barely begun but I do have a prediction for the final round and winner. I know you are all waiting with baited breath so here are my thoughts on how this going to go down. I think it is going to be the Lakers against the Nuggets with the Lakers taking home the title, a slight pause for reaction and moving on to why I chose these two teams even though I am not a huge fan of basketball. Well it is simple the Lakers are the reigning champs and I don’t think they are going to give up that title. Sure Kobe is a jerk but all in all the team has been playing ok. I picked the Nuggets because I think they have a shot plus I just like them, probably because I used to live in Denver.

Whether my two choices pan out or not is ok as long as the Celtics do not make it to the final or win the championship, not a fan of those guys at all whatsoever! I can hear some of you laughing at my selections and comments and I am fine with that because this is all in good fun. So join on in and tell me how you think the playoffs will turn out. Say what you feel my friends, even if you think it is ridiculous, I want to hear it.

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