Dancing With The Stars 12 Season: Week 5 Recap

April 18, 2011

Welcome everybody to the week 5 recap of this 12th season of Dancing With The Stars. Who got the highest score? Who got the lowest? What are the highlights, most amazing moments or even the most embarrassing? Have a look and find out about these and some other great moments below.

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There are 8 couples left of this amazing 12th season of Dancing with the Stars. This week was all about America, and the dancers and celebrities dressed with an American theme.

The first to dance the Samba were Ralph Macchio and Karina, I have to tell you Sweet Home Alabama never sounded so great and mostly it was for their performance. I couldn’t help to notice Ralph was to careful about his hands, the judges however were not too happy. The score they gave them were: Carrie 8, Len, 7 and Bruno, 7 a total of 22.

WWE’s Chris Jericho and Cheryl were next. By the way what a great impersonation of Len Chris did right? Plus he looked so unbelievably handsome in a military uniform. As for his dancing this night, well I always like the way they dance but today it was powerful, romantic although Chris was hoping to get an eight from Len his comments were not pointing to that 8. The score they got was from Carrie 9, Len 8 and Bruno 9 a total of 26. Bravo for Len and certainly Bravo to our guy Jericho and partner Cheryl Burke!

Supermodel Petra Nemcova and Dmitry danced the quick step, the song they chose was Viva Las Vegas! Although they started a bit slow the sped up afterwards, It seemed that Petra had a few difficulties but manged to look awesome in the end and even managed to give a quick kiss to her fiancee, British actor Jamie Belman. Her score for the night was 7, 7, 8 a total of 22.

Romeo and Chelsea did an amazing job last Monday, I really was looking forward to seeing them tonight. He was a new young handsome version of Frank Sinatra in New York, New York and both looked like they were having a glorious time, just like their performance one word for their fox trot….. Perfection! Their score for the evening was 9, 8, 9 a total of 26.

Pittsburgh Steelers player Hines Ward and Kym Johnson were next. Their rumba was planned to be romantic. Dressed in white Hines filled the stage with raw romanticism no doubt about that, every move was perfect a really overwhelming performance. The score the judges gave them was 9, 9 and 9 a total of 27, their highest score and the highest of the night.

Next was Kirstie and Maskim, hopefully no mishap this night with the fox-trot and with the help of John Travolta they will be trouble free. The song they picked was American woman and their dance was intense and Hot!! Their score was 8, 7, 8 a total of 23.

Last week’s lowest scoring couple Kendra and Louis were up, her sensitivity towards the judges criticism affected her tremendously, hopefully that won’t show up on the dance floor if she wants to stay in the competition she has to focus and regain her confidence. Kendra danced the 1000th performance on the show, but I am sorry to say that it was sort of a childish performance, confidence yes, but in my humble opinion not fab! Their score was 8, 7, 7 a total of 22, so far the lowest of the night.

The last couple were Chelsea Kane and Mark, they were nearly eliminated last Tuesday even though they got the highest score last Monday. Today it was the samba with Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. I really loved this performance, so tuned with each other and kept the audience interested. It was the perfect icing on the cake of the night. Their score was 9, 8, 9 a total of 26.

Who do you think will be safe tomorrow? Who will definitely be in jeopardy? Share all of your comments with us, don’t forget to vote and don’t forget to check out the video performances of Chris Jericho, Ralph Macchio and Hines Ward.

Chelsea Kane 1 2 3Chris Jericho 1 2 3 4 5 6 7Hines Ward 1 2 3 4 5 6Kendra Wilkinson 1 2 3 4 5Kirstie Alley 1 2 3 4 5Petra Nemcova 1 2Ralph Macchio 1 2 3 4 5Romeo 1 2 3 4

Photos: www.wenn.com/ The Media Circuit, Fayes VIsion, Tony Forte, Starbux, Lia Toby

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    Jonathan Says:

    My personal opinion is that Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke are the best dancers so far. I missed this episode of Dancing with the Stars on TV but a benefit to being a DISH Network customer and employee is that I can watch thousands of titles for free at DISHonline.com, this includes Dancing With the Stars.