Former NBA Player Glen Rice Asks For Paternity Test From Ex-girlfriend Tia Santoro

April 18, 2011

Meet Tia Santoro, Glen Rice’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama to their daughter Bella. The former Miami Heat player is asking Tia for a paternity test of the 8 month-old baby girl, why did he ask her that? Find out all the details about this interesting news in the story below.

Glen Rice

43 year-old Glen Rice started his NBA career with the Miami Heat in 1989, he left in 1995. He later played with the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets and lastly with the Los Angeles Clippers, he retired in 2004. As for his personal life we know that he was married to Cristy Rice from the The Real Housewives of Miami but later got divorced.

Until this year we knew that he has one son, 21 year-old Glen Rice Jr. who also plays basketball at Georgia Tech. 8 month-old baby girl Bella is the daughter he had with ex-girlfriend Tia Santoro with whom he broke up with in the last days of March. They were living together at his home in Coral Gables for over a year until their split.

In the first week of April Tia made a 911 emergency call and asked for their help, allegedly she was trying to get her belongings from her estranged ex-boyfriend’s house, but he allegedly wouldn’t let her come in, so one of the Coral Gables Police officers walked with Ms. Santoro inside the house so she could gather her things. At that time they had an informal agreement about Bella’s shared custody, but a more formal, legal one was set up for later.

Today nearly two weeks after Tia’s 911 call, he has asked her for a paternity test on Bella. According to Glen, he now believes the 8 month-old baby is not his daughter. But where is all this coming from? Well, until today they had a verbal agreement about their daughter’s custody, a legal one is about to be done, so before he signs anything he wants to make sure he really is the father of Tia’s baby girl.

For the moment no comments from either party has been released, but tell me what do you think of Glen’s decision to get a paternity test? Do you have any additional information about Tia Santoro you’d like to share with us?

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