Tiger Woods’ Niece, Cheyenne Woods, Wins ACC Women’s Individual Golf Title!

April 18, 2011

Move over Tiger there is another Woods family member taking the golf world by storm! Cheyenne Woods is Tiger’s niece and she just won the ACC Women’s Individual Golf Title.

Tiger Woods

It looks like the daughter of Tiger’s half brother Earl Woods Jr. is gearing up to keep the family tradition of golf alive, not that her famous uncle is leaving the sport any time soon. I am just saying she appears to be the next generation of the Woods clan to prove she too rocks at the game that has made her family a household name.

Cheyenne is a junior at Wake Forest and finished the tournament seven strokes ahead of the person in second place. Her school as a whole finished in fourth place but Cheyenne came out on top in the individual competition. This is not the first time that the younger Woods has made headlines for her talent on the course. She has been a one to watch since she began her college career at Wake Forest. Tiger seemed like the ever proud uncle as he tweeted about his niece’s win, which actually sparked a lot of the media frenzy surrounding her achievement.

The future seems bright for 20-year old Cheyenne who is starting to step out of the shadow of her infamous uncle. I like that a girl with the Woods name is kicking some serious butt. Maybe soon she will be able to go up against Tiger and well put him in his place if you will. I get the feeling the LPGA is going to have a Woods in it very soon. Yep she is one to keep your eye on that is for sure.

Congrats to the beautiful Cheyenne Woods for her ACC Women’s Individual win! Let me know your thoughts on this hot topic!

Photos: www.wenn.com

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