Shocking Video of the Week: Fan Tasered and Arrested At PNC Park During Pirates/Rockies Game

April 16, 2011

The fan who was tasered at a Pirates vs. Rockies game last weekend was arrested, the video of him getting beat down was released on Monday and this is the video we selected as the Shocking Sports Video of the Week. You must see it!

Beaten By Police

Hello dear readers and sports aficionados, this our second shocking sports video for the month of April, today we bring you another video that includes sports fans and fighting, only this time it wasn’t the fan who beat down a player or a referee like we showed you last week, this week is the fan who got beaten down, kicked out of the game and arrested.

The Pirates fan who was beaten down and forcefully removed from the game was arrested and identified as 41 year-old Scott Ashley. The entire incident happened during the sixth inning of the Pittsburgh Pirates game against the Colorado Rockies where he allegedly was intoxicated and started to call the attention of security (according to other fans he was using excessive foul language) who asked him to leave the game.

It seems that was not an option for the Pirates fan, who according to witnesses and the Pirates’ director of communications Brian Warecki, saw Scott threatening the man who told him to step outside with very aggravated language, adding that he was not leaving.

It was at this moment that by request, the Pittsburgh police intervened and it was they who kicked him with a taser and batons, during the first hits the Pirates fan looked like he wasn’t hurt at all, maybe he really was a bit tipsy. Have you ever wondered how some people say that they don’t get hurt when they fall or get in an accident while drunk, some say that is because they don’t realized what is happening at that time and their muscles get all stiff, the whole body is too relaxed. I doubt it is possible or that is the case here, for me I feel like it was an adrenaline overdose that kept Scott on his feet during the first two or three hits he received.

The tasered fan was arrested along with a woman who intervened at the stadium, although we don’t know the woman’s name or when or how she was released. We know that Scott was jailed at Allegheny County Jail where he was charged with resisting arrest and harassment, when or what happened to him after that, I really don’t know but the video on youtube of him getting beat went viral. Plus the Rockies won the game 6-4. So there you go, our shocking Sports Video of the week! Share your thoughts and additional information about this story with us!

fan escorted utsidefightfight with Police

Photos: KCS, Steve Spillr, R. Lawrence

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    Stacy Says:

    Wow that looks overly aggressive!