Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: El Clasico Espanol Highlights, Players, Final Results – All Goals Video

April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 16th is the date that Spain’s great giants will meet each other in the famous Clasico Espanol, we are certainly talking about Real Madrid and Barcelona. Keep reading to know the highlights of this amazing game, plus check out the cool video preview!

Real Madrid Barcelona

Last November Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 5-0 that was a sad and shameful loss, even Cristiano Ronaldo was frustrated. You may remember he pushed Barca’s coach Pep Guardiola when he got close to him to get the ball, Andres Iniesta was among other Barca players that quickly stepped in to defend his coach, but nothing else happened. This Saturday will be the first of hopefully 4 games of El Clasico Espanol and we will tell you all about it!

Barcelona’s captain and great defender Carles Puyol, has been recovering from injury tendinitis he suffered against Racing Santander on January 22. His absence from the field has been perhaps the longest he has been away in his entire career (you can correct me if I am wrong) but after a medical test Carles has the green light to play against Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Barca coach Josep Guardiola recently said he is aware Madrid is a favorite among fans, stats are in their favor they are faster, shoot more and jump higher. He said while Madrid Mourinho continues his routine of staying speechless at a post-game press conference, instead his assistant coach Aitor Karanka talked to reporters, some said is was disrespectful, I think we have to get used to it already, it’s not the first time he has done this!

This is the probable squad for both teams, we will confirm it after the game along with our recap where you’ll see the highlights during the first and second half. Certainly you can watch this amazing game on ESPN3, ESPNHD and ESPN Deportes this Saturday at 4:00 p.m ET and 1:00 p.m PT.

Number Real Madrid

1 Casillas
4 Ramos
3 Pepe
12 Marcelo
2 Carvalho
24 Khedira
14 Alonso
9 Benzema
7 Ronaldo
22 DiMaria
18 Albiol
Coach Mourinho
Number Barcelona
1 Valdes
2 Alves
3 Pique
6 Xavi
21 Adriano
16 Busquets
5 Puyol
10 Messi
17 Pedro
7 Villa
8 Iniesta
Coach Guardiola

What team is more likely to win? Who will be this game’s star Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? If we take a look back two years ago, you’ll see that Barcelona has dominated all of their games. Starting May 2, 2009 Barcelona won 6-2, Nov 29, 2009 Barcelona won 1-0, Apr 10, 2010 Barcelona won 2-0 and last Nov 29, 2010 Barcelona won 5-2, who will win this match? Will Madrid get their sweet revenge or will they leave the field with their tail between their legs? What do you think?

Staring with our recap, during the first half of this amazing game, we saw the first first yellow card at the 8 minute of the match go to Adriano of Barcelona and the first free kick for Cristiano. That surprised Valdes when the ball bounced right in front of him but managed to catch it right after, a near goal from Messi during the minute 19 but Iker caught the ball with no difficulty. During the minute 26′ I really thought we would see the first penalty shot when Villa tripped inside the goalkeeper’s box, but after the referees talked they found out that Villa fell by himself.

No changes during the second half, Cristiano had the opportunity for a second free kick, but the ball landed on the right pole of Valdez’, the first penalty in favor of Barcelona took place during the minute 49 when Albiol tackled Villa, he got a red card and Messi took the shot and he scored!!!! Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal for Barcelona (52′).

The first change came from Real Madrid when Benzema stepped out and Mesut Ozil replaced him, Barcelona’s captain Carles Puyol was on the floor, it seemed his tendiditis was causing him trouble. He left the field on a stretcher and Keita took his place. Another change from Madrid, Xabi Alonso was out and Adebayor was in, for Barcelona another change – Pedro is off for Afellay and DiMaria from Madrid was out and Arbeloa got on the field.

Xavi dangerously approached the goal but Casillas intercepts his attempts, a yellow card for Barcelona after they tackled Ozil, a free kick for Madrid taken by Ronaldo but missed, he had a chance to redeem himself when the referee granted Madrid a penalty shot, Valdes started to argue and got himself a yellow card. Cristiano was ready for the penalty shot and score Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!! for Madrid (82′) the score is now 1-1 and the Santiago Bernabeu roared!

A near scare for Barcelona when Ronaldo shot to score but Valdes caught it, 4 minutes added to the injury time, fans threw something to Messi and what the hell is Pepe arguing about?? The game continued but nothing interesting happened except for the opportunity Villa missed to set the score 2-1, the 4 minutes ended and the game ended.

I bet Paul the Octopus’ predictions would be awesome right now, he is not around but no worries Iniesta the Spanish Octopus is taking over with his predictions, check that out here. And don’t forget to check out this awesome video preview of El Clasico Espanol where Barcelona will face his long time rival Real Madrid plus Messi and Cristiano Rponaldo’s goals in the videos below.

Barcelona 1Real MadridBarcelona 1 2Real MadridBarcelona 1 2 3

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