MMA Fighter Cindy Dandois Pregnant, Pulls Out of Fight With Gina Carano

April 14, 2011

The news about MMA fighter/ring girl Cindy Dandois pulling out of her fight against Gina Carano was very disappointing, but not anymore since finding out the reason she withdrew from the fight – she is pregnant. That’s right she and her boyfriend Gerard Mousasi are expecting a baby!!!

Cindy Dandois

A few days ago the media reported that the stunning 26 year-old MMA fighter from Deurne, Belgium, fought Jorina Baars last March while she was allegedly pregnant, she won by TKO in the second round but media started to criticize her for doing the fight while pregnant. Cindy, on the other hand, posted the article on her Facebook page and posted a note which revealed how angry readers posted messages about that and Cindy responded to them that she would never put her baby in danger, meaning she wasn’t pregnant at that time.

“Do you really think I would put my child in any kind of danger if I knew I was pregnant, and after I would refuse the biggest fight in my career, where I was dreaming of the moment I started with my sport? If I was that kind …of a woman I would’ve chosen for an abortion… The truth is I WAS NOT three months pregnant during my fight, and I did pregnancy tests that turned out negative! Also the doctor checked me before going into the ring, and he didn’t notice anything neither… So tell or believe what you like to believe… I am happy my baby is healthy and I know who I am and where I stand for…

MMA Fighting reported today that Cindy pulled out of the fight against Gina because she was three months pregnant, but as you can see from her own words she is not, at least she is less than a month pregnant, healthy just like her baby growing inside her tummy. Cindy posted a photo of her ultrasound on her Facebook wall and added ‘Ons wondertje… Our lil miracle…’ and she did the same on her Twitter account. Certainly becoming a mother is a blessing and one of the greatest news for any mother and Cindy is no exception, still it was clear she was a bit sad about her decision to withdraw from the fight.

‘My biggest and most important career is being a good wife for my man, being a good mother to my children and its my call to raise my kids to responsible adults,… I believe if Gina really want to fight me, and people are willing to see that fight,… I will get that chance later. But if not… I will not cry for that, because I will have the most beautiful thing in replace’

And what about the happy daddy? Well we all know Cindy has been dating 25 year-old Dutch/Armenian MMA fighter Gegard Mousasi, do you know anything different?

No worries Cindy, you will get this chance and some other amazing fights later. We will be waiting for you, Congratulations!! Would you like to send Cindy a message?

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