Top WAGS Of El Clasico Espanol: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

April 14, 2011

The first of the fourth games between Barcelona and Real Madrid will soon be upon us, with El Clasico Espanol comes the best players in Spain and the world, but they don’t come alone! Their stunning wives and girlfriends will be in the stands cheering for them, for that reason we have here for you the top Wags of El Clasico. I know you can’t wait to see, meet them right here!!

Soccer Wags

Starting with the team captains we have Iker Casillas, Real Madrid’s goalkeeper and captain. His girlfriend became very well-known at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Sara Carbonero is a Spanish sports reporter, she was blamed for one of the few mistakes Iker did, at the end of the World Cup we witnessed a kiss of them while she was interviewing him on live television, it was a great moment and Casillas for sure was very emotional.

Barcelona’s captain is Carles Puyol. He has been absent recently due to an injury but his presence is overwhelming, I mean he is an amazing player and a powerful defender. His stunning girlfriend is Melena Costa, a gorgeous model, she has been referred to as the woman who changed Puyol. Due to that and her hotness it’s no surprise he dedicates her his goals.

Xavi Alonso, Barcelona’s dear and great midfielder vice-captain, he covers for Puyol when he is not playing, and he also has a stunning and amazing woman by his side, her name is Elsa Egea. She holds a masters degree in journalism and a degree in law from the University of Barcelona and from Columbia University in New York. She currently works at

In Real Madrid there are many great midfielders, one of them is the impeccable and gorgeous Xabi Alonso. His lovely and utterly stunning wife is Nagore Aramburu now commonly known as Nagore Alonso. She is an actress and Mrs. Alonso since July of 2009. Nagore is also a lovely and caring mother – their son Jontxu Alonso Aranburu was born in March of 2008.

Gerad Pique has turned out to be more interesting than we thought he was, back at the World Cup in South Africa he became the poor player who was constantly beaten on the field, he also is an important defender in Barca, plus reporters now talk about him and call them El Shakiro, since you know he is dating Colombian singer Shakira.

Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid’s vice-captain and midfielder is a very pretty face and body to watch on the field. He used to date Amaia Salamanca then he was dating Spanish Sports reporter Lara Alvarez, according to Kickette, they are no longer dating, too bad they really made a great couple but the good news is that Sergio is single!!

Victor Valdez is Barcelona’s goalkeeper, his lovely girlfriend is Yolanda Cardona, a beautiful model and caring mother of their son Dylan Valdez Cardona who was born on August 20, 2009.

Real Madrid’s Mesut Ozil is the German/Turkish player who has earned the love and respect from all German and Spanish fans, his girlfriend is Anna Maria Lewe, Sarah Connor’s younger sister and Pekka Lagerblom’s ex wife, although he loves her, many female fans of Mesut are not digging her.

Lionel Messi “La Pulga”, as his dear fans all over the world call him, is one of the greatest and most humble players in the world. His long time girlfriend or ex-girlfriend is Antonella Rocuzzo, also from Rosario, Argentina. Recently we heard from his grandfather that they are longer dating, although on her Facebook profile she still is engaged to Messi. We also heard about Sabrina Ravelli, the Argentinean vedette who accused him of allegedly harassing her via video chat.

And Real Madrid also has an amazing, way too handsome player in Cristiano Ronaldo, who was rumored to be dating several interesting names in the past, from Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian but one girl is real in his life right now, supermodel Irina Shayk, these two are one of the hottest couples in soccer right now.

El Guaje is the nickname David Villa from Barcelona has been carrying for years. He was an important key to Spain’s victory in South Africa, but the most important person in David’s life is his lovely wife Patricia Villa, mother of his gorgeous girls Zaida and Olaya Villa.

Kaka, hasn’t played much with Real Madrid this season, but once he is on the field the crowd at Santiago Bernabeu roared, his lovely, model and kind wife is Caroline Celico, mother of his son Luca. Last December Caroline and his super fab hubby announced they were expecting another baby, a girl this time!

And now the men of the victorious goal at the World Cup Andres Iniesta, Barca 4th captain, who is dating his long time girlfriend Anna Ortiz from Catalunya, Spain. Anna and Andres welcomed their baby girl Valeria this month!

There you go friends, these are some of our top WAGS you might be seeing at Barcelona vs. Real Madrid games in April and next month. Who is your favorite? Don’t miss el Clasico Espanol and certainly don’t miss these lovely ladies’ pictures below!

Antonella RocuzzoCaroline Celico 1Elsa EgeaLara AlvarezNagore Alonso 1Shakira PiqueAnna Maria Lewe 1 2 3Irina Shayk 1

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