Wayne Rooney’s Alleged Mistress Helen Wood had an affair with an Actor? Who is he?

April 9, 2011

Last September we found the name of Wayne Rooney’s alleged second mistress, Helen Wood, who along with Jennifer Thompson had an alleged threesome in a hotel. Today we heard her name again, once again it is due to another alleged affair with a major famous actor, who is he? What is Helen saying this time? Has she apologized to his wife too? Keep reading to find out about the rest of this story!

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When the world found out about Wayne’s alleged affair with a prostitute while his wife Coleen was pregnant we were in shock, more details were heard after even a second vice girl came forward who allegedly had a threesome with Rooney, she released an apology video to Coleen, but the damage was done and the marriage was over. Today another marriage allegedly might be over if the media releases this new guy’s name. According to the Dailymail he is an important, famous actor.

Helen spoke to the Sun about the alleged affair with another important celebrity, this time in showbiz, but as much as we love to know his name I’m afraid that won’t be possible, Why? Well because he dragged his celeb butt to court an got a protection order that will forbid anyone involved in the alleged affair from revealing his name, Smart Guy!

Anyways Helen’s conversation with the Sun? She described her encounter, him dressing casual without his wedding band, once at the apartment where Helen had just met with another client, the actor took a shower, got out naked, she offered a massage and he accepted. She then later asked to use an erotic toy and he accepted that as well. After that she said she moved on, after it was all done and he took another shower. Before he left he told her she was a pretty young lady.

“It didn’t actually click who he was until we got into the bedroom and I was talking to him. I asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ and he said, ‘Oh, I’m an actor’. That’s when it dawned on me. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I recognise him’. I went through to the kitchen, gave my friend the money, and then told her who it was. We were just giggling about it. We didn’t say much because he was in the shower.”

Helen Wood was allegedly paid 1200 euros by Rooney the day she and Thompson fulfilled his fantasy, her former madame spoke freely about her attitude with her customers. Her employer, who we only knew as Laura said Helen treated men like cash machines. Check out Helen Wood’s pictures here.

A little after that we heard Ms. Wood was ready to tell her story, but then she released an apology to Mrs. Rooney, and she seemed to have felt bad about what she did, even fought back tears. Should we get ready for apology number 2? Not likely, even if she wanted to she can’t. The actor who allegedly had an affair with her, the high Court extended a gag order that will protect his identity, but according to the Mail he is described by three initials – NEJ. He is also a father and is represented by Hugh Tomlinson QC. What do you think? Be my guest and start guessing…

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