2010 MLB Home Run Leaders Threaten Again in 2011?

April 13, 2011

With the 2011 baseball season newly under way, here’s a look at 2010’s MLB home run leaders! Will last year’s heroes be this year’s go-to guys? Or was is just a fluke?

David Ortiz  3

Far and above the competition last year was the Blue Jays lead man Jose Bautista. The slugger made some key changes in his swing during 2009 and they clearly paid dividends in his 2010 season.

Here’s the full breakdown of the top 10 home run leaders of the 2010 MLB season.

1. Jose Bautista (TOR, AL) 54
2. Albert Pujols (STL, NL) 42
3. Paul Konerko (CHW, AL) 39
4. Miguel Cabrera (DET, AL) 38
5. Adam Dunn (WSH, NL) 38
6. Joe Votto (CIN, NL) 37
7. Carlos Gonzalez (COL, NL) 34
8. Mark Teixeira (NYY, AL) 33
9. Dan Uggla (FLA, NL) 33
10. David Ortiz (BOS, AL) 32

So should you bank of Bautista having another 50+ season? Probably not. The big man has no doubt improved his motion, but pitchers have now had a full off season to learn his technique, and finishing at #1 last season put a big bulls-eye on his back.

Now last year’s #2 is a different story all together. Arguably the most consistent producer in the league, Pujols is a force to be reckoned with. The man hasn’t hit less than 32 home runs per season in his 10-year career, and averages 41! He holds the record for most home runs hit in the first 10 years of a career: 408. While his stock may have dropped a little in the eyes of some, he’s still most people’s choice for the best player in the game.

At number 3, the White Sox Konerko may have had a little luck in producing his killer 2010 season. The 35-year-old probably won’t match that this year. #4 Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera, seemingly ceasing his off-field antics in 2010 for a solid 38 home run season was recently arrested for a DUI in February. If he can stay on the straight and narrow, you can expect him to put up big numbers again. It’s worth noting he’s already put up 4 this season.

Numbers 5 through 9 are bankable players, with highlights going to Votto, Gonzalez, and Teixeira. But the real question is the fate of Boston’s David Ortiz. Not long ago a force to be reckoned with, Ortiz had a terrible start to 2010, but managed to muscle his way back to the top 10 home run hitters. The 2010 home run derby winner hit two HRs this season so far, but it’s too early to see if he can be counted on.

What do you think of 2010’s home run leaders? Will last year’s champs reign supreme once more? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

Pujols  1 Pujols  2 Pujols  3 David Ortiz  4 David Ortiz  2 David Ortiz  1

Photos: www.wenn.com/Carrie Devorah, HRC, Tina Paul, Patricia Schlein

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