NBA Playoffs Schedule: Eastern and Western Conferences

April 15, 2011

We are about to see NBA’s most amazing games between the best teams in the nation, both conferences have released their schedules and we are looking forward to those, for that reason we have here just for you the NBA Playoff Schedule for 2011, Eastern and Western conference, check it out!

NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs have some great teams in both conferences, the Knicks will face the Celtics which is perhaps one of the mot anticipated games on the East side, their rivalry is legendary plus they haven’t faced each other during the playoffs for a while now. Other teams making the playoffs are the Bulls, Pacers, Heat, 76ers, Hawks and Magic.

On the west coast we have the Spurs, Memphis, Lakers, New Orleans, Portland, Dallas, Denver and Oklahoma, which of these teams’ games are most fans looking forward to seeing? I guess the defending champions and #2 seed Los Angeles Lakers but they are followed very closely by the others, they will face the Hornets, even with Chris Paul the Lakers have nothing to worry about.

Here are the teams competing during the 2011 NBA Playoffs!!

Eastern Conference

Chicago Bulls (1) Pacers (8)
Heat (2) 76ers (7)
Celtics (3) Knicks (6)
Magic (4) Hawks (5)
Western Conference

San Antonio(1) Memphis(8)
Lakers  (2) New Orleans(7)
Dallas (3) Portland (6)
Oklahoma (4) Denver (5)

The games begin Saturday, April 16th (Game 1), followed by games on April 18, 24 and 30 and continuing on May 1st, 2, 9 and 11. The finals will start either May 31st or June 2nd.

We have a printable bracket for you right here and while you are looking forward for the NBA playoffs, the great guys over at the Bleacher Report are already thinking about this year’s NBA draft, you can check out their picks right here.

Are you wondering where you can buy tickets? Well in that case, you can check those out at Ticketmaster and Who are are you looking forward to seeing in the Playoffs? What are your predictions for this year’s finals? Do you think the Celtics might get a chance to have their revenge against the Lakers? Don’t miss this year NBA Playoffs and don’t forget to take a look at the video we have for you below.

NBA Playoffs 1NBA Playoffs 2NBA Playoffs 3NBA Playoffs 4


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