Vedette Sabrina Ravelli Accuses Lionel Messi of Harassment Via Video Chat

April 10, 2011

Sabrina Ravelli is a model and vedette from Argentina, she used to date Argentinean soccer player Neri Cardozo and just recently said that Lionel Messi keeps allegedly harassing her via video chat. Keep reading our story to know more about Sabrina, her allegations and the video chat that may back up her allegations against Messi.

Sabrina Ravelli

Sabrina Ravelli was one of the contestants on Patinando por Un Sueno, the Argentinean version of Skating with the Stars in 2008 along with Carlos Carly Uliano. She is a famous, popular and stunning vedette, model and actress in Argentina who has been on the cover of Maxim Magazine several times.

She used to date Nery Cardozo (actually they lived together for three years), a former Boca Juniors soccer player who currently plays at CF Monterrey in Mexico. According to her, Messi and her ex are friends, they met while both played with the Argentina National Soccer team, it is through him that she met Messi and we are speculating here, but probably also met Antonella Rocuzzo, Lionel’s long time girlfriend or ex-girlfriend according to, Messi’s grandfather said Rocuzzo and Messi are no longer dating.

Ravelli is claiming that Messi is allegedly harassing her via video chat, you can see them in action in their video below, some say it is a fake others say it could be friendly chatting, yet others claim that she kept the video so she could allegedly take advantage of it. Well according to her, it wasn’t she who kept it but a friend allegedly recorded it because she didn’t believe he was flirting with her. You can see Sabrina Ravelli’s picture here.

The alleged affair came to light a few months ago in the newspapers in Argentina. They thought they allegedly hooked up during one of her trips to Spain. When asked he denied everything, but now with the video chat on the web, the topic has come to surface once again, add to that Sabrina’s harassment allegations which caused her problems with her boyfriend Daniel Guardia, a singer from the music band “La Barra”, she added that for her the constant alleged messages from the Barcelona player is disrespectful, because she was dating.

“Él no se banca un no. Para mí fue una falta de respeto porque yo estoy de novia hace un año con un cantante del grupo La Barra y él me seguía mandando mensajes buscándome, y me ocasionó problemas en mi pareja. No le caía bien que me esté buscando, pero él nunca se resigna. Que quede claro que nunca estuve con Lionel”.

In the quote above she said he (Messi) won’t take a no for an answer, she was dating but that never allegedly stopped him from sending her messages looking for her. That caused her problems in her relationship with Daniel, certainly he didn’t like another guy looking for his lady, but Lio allegedly never gave up, she added that she wanted to make sure everybody knew that she has never been in any kind of relationship the the Barca player. Check out Sabrina’s photo here.

Now tell me what do you think about this story, who do you believe? Check out Ravelli and Messi’s video chat below, an interview on the Argentinean show NeoFama where she discussed Messi, plus a few photos we found for you!

Sabrina Ravelli 1

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