Manny Ramirez and Wife Juliana Ramirez Leaving MLB

April 9, 2011

Dominican Republic Baseball player Manny Ramirez is retiring from MLB after he allegedly tested positive for drugs, we won’t be seeing his stunning wife Julianna Ramirez at a Tampa Bay Rays game anymore, so we are going to take a look back at the greatest moments of this beautiful couple in MLB and their personal life, Enjoy!

Manny Juliana Ramirez

Manny, whose real name is Manuel Aristides Ramirez Onelcida, is the 37 year-old baseball player from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Manny grew up in Washington Heights, New York. He was drafted by the Cleveland Indians when he was 19. In 2001 he signed an eight-year contract worth $160 million with the Boston Red Sox, he left them in 2008 when he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers. Two years later he was with the Chicago White Sox and this year he signed a one year contract for 2 million dollars with Tampa, but when suspicion of a second violation for drugs during spring training haunted Ramirez, instead of the 100-game suspension ban he opted for retirement.

You must remember that the first time a player tests positive for drugs it is a 50-game suspension, second time is 100 and third they are banned for life. Manny already had 50-games out for testing positive while he was with the Dodgers, it has been said that he wishes to return to the MLB if that is the case, the consequences for his positive testing will be waiting for him.

Well that is terrible news and we will move on to the better moments in the life of this great player and this includes his utterly beautiful wife Juliana Ramirez, by looking at her perfect lips, curvy body and tanned skin you can be sure she is Brazilian. She met her hubby while she was working at a Bally’s sports gym in Boston. In Brazil nobody really knows much about baseball, their primary sport is soccer so Julianna had no idea who he was when he approached her. They got married in 2002.

They have two gorgeous children – Manny Junior was born in 2003, Lucas Ramirez born in 2006 and her hubby’s eldest son from a previous relationship, Manuel Ramirez. Juliana and Manny have each other’s names tattooed on their bodies, Manny has her name on his right wrist while Mrs. Ramirez has her hubby’s name on the inside of her right ankle.

We will truly miss them very much, Juliana was a really beautiful image to see at his games, check her picture out here with her mother in-law, another of Juliana’s photo is here playing with her hubby and a beautiful closeup here.

Whether they will be back in MLB is uncertain, but Manny, his amazing wife and beautiful children will always be on our minds, would you like to send them a message?

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