Top 5 Sports Videos of the Week April 8th – Cast Your Vote

April 9, 2011

Another week gone by so we bring to you the top 5 sports videos of the week, where you can choose your favorite. At the end of the month you will see who will be in our top 3 sports videos of the month. This week we have a grand selection – Snooki at the WWE, David Beckham kicking some balls into trash cans at the beach, an impossible back flip penalty kick, UCONN Huskies winning the National Championships and even a chick fight at a baseball game, all those videos are below.

Great Sports Moments 1

Our first sports video of the week is not so sporty but it took place at a baseball game, plus when it comes to a girls fight I think it is worth watching. Three female Milwaukee Brewer fans got into a fight in the stands and ultimately threw beers on each others faces, here it is.

The second was at a junior soccer league game in Sweden where FC Baars played against FC Sempach, but the most amazing moment came when FC Baar’s Joonas Jokinen took a penalty shot and added a backflip, you gotta see this.

The 2011 NCAA Tournament Championships aka March Madness has a new champion when UConn defeated Butler 53-41, they got in there winning 5 games in 5 days to take their 3rd National Championship title, here is the video when they won.

This video is of Jersey Shore’s Snooki at Wrestlemania XXVII, she teamed up with Trish Strauss and John Morrison, we already saw her doing some moves a few weeks ago now she was back, check her out!

Our last video and really my favorite features David Beckham, who as you know did a Pepsi Light commercial with Modern Family Colombian actress and model Sofia Vergara, well this video took place while he was filming it, check him out kicking balls inside trashcans from a great distance, pretty impressive and what can I say isn’t he fabulous?

And now it is time for you to vote for your favorite sports video of the week, here is the poll, not before you check out these cool pictures. We will see you next week!

David Beckham 1 2 3 4NCAA Tournament 1 2 3Girls FightSnooki

Photos: PNP, Carrie Ann Owen, Vince Maher

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