World’s Most Unusual Sports 2011!

April 8, 2011

From toe wrestling to the ubiquitous game of pooh sticks, there are some really wacky sports out there. Find out my favorites in my list of the world’s most unusual sports 2011!

Extreme Ironing  1

Sadly or thankfully, depending on how you look at it, Pooh sticks is much more boring than it sounds. Contestants merely race floating sticks down a river.

Still, skipping that, here’s my legitimate list of the world’s most unusual sports in 2011.

Paper-Scissors-Rock – Yes they have actually made this into an official sport! Know someone who has an uncanny knack of winning Roshambo? Now they can make a living off it!

Extreme Ironing- Not a contest for your mom. Extreme Ironing features contestants ironing in the craziest places they can think of. I just have to say, I don’t even like to iron in my living room, I’m not going to iron on the side of a bus!

Toe Wrestling- If you don’t like feet, avert your eyes! As you can imagine, toe wrestling is just like arm wrestling, but with toes. Contestants, who seem to take themselves very seriously, battle one another in a single-elimination style contest until one is crowned the Toe-King. Yea… very unusual.

Cheese Rolling – If you haven’t heard of the Glousterchire Cheese Rolling Festival, get out from under that rock! Basically it’s a bunch of crazy people racing a roll of cheese down a very steep hill. Dangerous? Yes. Fun to watch? Of course!

Shin Kicking- Why is it that so many of these crazy sports are invented by the English? No need to explain this one, except to say that, yes, some legs are broken!

Henley On Todd Boat Race- A classic Aussie sport idea here! Hoping to copy the traditional English boat races, Australians set up a race of their own in Alice Springs. The only problem? That river is dry for most of the year. Solution? Well… just watch the video.

Chess Boxing – My final most unusual sport of 2011 is chess boxing. I decided to finish with this one because it’s actually really getting a solid following! No longer can players be just brain or merely braun, in this sport players can win by knockout or checkmate. I want to watch!

Well there you have it! What do you think of the world’s most unusual sports? If you have one to add, or just want to talk about these crazy hobbies, let me know in the comment section!

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