Sorel Rockefeller, The Valet Worker Slapped by Lebron James’ Mother, Speaks Out In Video Interview

April 8, 2011

The valet worker at the Fountain Blue Hotel who was allegedly attacked by Lebron James mother has been identified as Sorel Rockefeller. That’s not all, we found the video interview where he talks about the alleged attack, check all that out in the story below.

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Miami’s Channel 4 spoke to Sorel Rockefeller, the man who was allegedly attacked by Gloria James, and you can see his interview in the video below. According to police records, Gloria requested her car to be on the valet ramp as quickly as possible around 5:00 a.m. Allegedly they put her SUV on the ramp, but it took 30 minutes, according to Gloria who was with a friend. She asked for her car keys, by asked for her keys I mean she allegedly said, “where the profanity are my profanity keys”, etc plus she used the last line Allen Iverson used — “Do you know who I am??”. Before all that happened the valet worker had turned off the car and handed the car keys to the valet parking cashier.

Out of the blue she allegedly slapped Sorel with an open hand, the impact was so strong that she lost her balance and ended up on the floor, he called the police immediately. By the time they arrived Gloria and her friend were in the car about to leave, the police officer intercepted her and asked about the incident, but nothing came out of her mouth. Instead it was allegedly her friend that answered the officer’s questions, but James told her not to say anything else.

The Police put her in their car, they claimed she had bloodshot eyes and her breath smelled pretty bad, I mean alcohol bad, but she didn’t say anything to them. It wasn’t until later that she said there had been a verbal altercation between her and Sorel, she also allegedly told them (police) that she wish she could trust them, but she didn’t trust their kind (referring to police officers)

OK, now we have the alleged victim, the valet worker who was allegedly slapped by James, you can see Sorel Rockefeller’s picture here. Mr. Rockefeller said he feels bad and humiliated, and that he is seeking a lawyer because he will sue! I guess he really realized who she was, huh? I know what you are thinking, save those fascinating comments I enjoy so much for our comments box below.

Here is the video interview of Sorel Rockefeller, the alleged victim of Lebron James’ mother’s slapping hands, hear what he said, and how he shows exactly how he was slapped by Gloria James. Now you can express all of your thoughts about this story below.

Photos: Johnny Louis

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