Lebron James’ Mother Arrested for Assault

April 7, 2011

LeBron James’ mother is no stranger to many of us, we have heard about her in the past, from an alleged affair with Delonte West till today’s latest scandal, was she really arrested for assaulting some valet parking attendant? Has she been arrested before? Why? Find out more below!

Gloria James

41 year-old Gloria James, mother of Miami Heat player Lebron James, became a mother when she was just 16, had to take several jobs to feed her and her baby, well you all know that, but you can find out more about Mrs. James here.

In the past we have heard not very pleasant things about Gloria, back in 2006 she was arrested for driving under the influence, last year we heard about her allegedly getting romantically involved with her son’s teammate Delonte West, she denied everything, but then there was a video of West suggestively confirm the alleged affair, but then took it back. Well that was some major drama and then just when almost everybody was forgetting about that uncomfortable rumor, another similar rumor came to surface.

The pioneers in that news was Terez Owens, in their story they said Gloria James Strikes Again!! Her alleged boyfriend was some wanna be model and college student Cliff, although there was no further comment of that story and nobody really confirmed. For all that I know or care it could have been a nephew, neighbor or a friend, that hug didn’t look anything romantic to me, you? Check it out here.

But now she hits the web once again and once again this news doesn’t put her in a very good light, the news today doesn’t include any young man or maybe it does but at least nobody is dating anyone, ufff that is a relief!

OK so Gloria was arrested early Thursday morning after she got into an altercation at the Fountain Blue Hotel. The alleged assault was with one of the hotel’s valet parking assistant, she was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault on Thursday, she was released a couple of hours later.

Share your thoughts about this latest news about Gloria and tell us anything you know about LeBron James’ mother in the comment box below.

Gloria James 1 2Glolria James 1

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Johnny Louis

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One Response to “Lebron James’ Mother Arrested for Assault”

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    BYJames Says:

    Stop it!!! She still will be loved like Lebron,
    Don’t judge her we all come short of the glory og GOD!!!