World Health Day Tips To Keep Us Fit

April 7, 2011

It has been a few months since we all made our New Year’s resolutions… so how is it going? Well if you need a recharge, today is World Health Day and I have found some tips for you. Some sound a little crazy though, and so I want to know what you think about them!

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There will always be fad diets and a billion things you can do to not only lose weight, but to be healthy. I think the biggest thing that will help anyone is to focus on getting yourself well, and not just losing the inches. But how exactly are you to do that?

I have looked all over the internet and have found all kinds of different ways people say you can either shed pounds or eat smart. So I am just going to tell you what I found, and leave it to you to tell me if they are crazy, good or impossible!

1. One thing I found that I may have to try and get back to you on is adding vinegar (specifically apple vinegar) to your diet to lose fat. In a recent study, when obese people added 2 tablespoons a day in a mixture of 2 cups of water, their body fat decreased. Apparently with this there are no side affects and even if you don’t shed the weight, it may help slow carbohydrate conversion and ward of diabetes.

2. Another “World Health Day tip” that is very easy to do would be to use a spritzer. We all know that salads are healthy, but sometimes what we put on top makes it about as good for us as a greasy hamburger! Did you know that 1 Tbsp of oil has 119 calories in it? So a suggestion is to put that substance in a spray bottle and you could cut about 300 calories!

3. Go vegetarian! I came across an article that basically said vegetarians are skinnier and are at less risk for many health issues. It was also said that you can even lose pounds without exercising! Now I understand it is very healthy if you do it correctly, but to completely write off physical exertion seems like a bad idea.

4. Apparently drinking milk will help you lose fat while maintaining muscle, even if losing weight isn’t your goal. Milk sure does a body good, and when people drank about 3 cups a day they lost about 12 lbs. In two years. Now this is not a way to shed a lot of weight, but increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake may also reduce your stomach fat which will make you less at risk for diseases such as diabetes.

5. Lastly, something that looks to be a good workout are pole dancing classes. Now I am not saying going into the industry, but rather taking a class at a local gym. I can see how there are many benefits… you get flexibility, confidence and a good burn. It also usually just women and being happy (or silly) goes a long way in fitness. But will I ever actually go??

Well, those are just some of the many ideas and theories out there that may help in weight loss. Even if they don’t make a huge difference, some may at least make you a healthier person. And after all that should be the goal.

What do you think of the few somewhat simple tips for keeping yourself on track? Are you going to try any for World Health Day or do some sound too ridiculous to you? Also, I would love to hear some other ones you have found while searching around, so be sure to leave me your comments below.

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