MMA Fighter Sergio Salcido Luna Killed, Gunned Down at Mexico/U.S. Border

April 7, 2011

The MMA wrestling empire is in mourning after hearing the terrible news about Sergio Salcido Luna’s death, he was killed at the Mexico-U.S Border and Kevin Joel Romero was also shot and killed, but what happened? Who killed him? What was he involved with? Find out all the shocking details about the MMA Fighter who was gunned down and ultimately killed in the story we have for you right here.

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MMA fighter Sergio Salcido Luna grew up in Bakersfield, studied at South High School and was one of the two Americans gunned down at the Mexico-U.S border, the other man was Kevin Joel Romero, by unknown men with a 9mm caliber gun when both men driving in a truck were up to cross San Ysidro in Tijuana, Mexico.

According to MMA Fighting, Sergio, 25 and Kevin, 28 were American citizens but live in Tijuana, Mexico to save some expenses. They worked at the San Diego based beverage company West Coast Beverage Maintenance. Sergio, a welterweight mixed martial arts fighter, has a fighting record, he was due to go back to fighting this June.

At approximately 2:30 a.m this Monday Sergio Salcido was driving the company’s truck with his friend at the Mexican border, when a gunman approached them on foot and shot them. They received shots to the head, arms and chest. Police found them dead by the time they arrived at the crime scene, they suspect the crime was allegedly drug related since a package of drugs was found in one of the victims’ possession, although neither had any criminal record. Their boss has no doubt that their killing wasn’t drug related, the Salcido family thinks the same. Here is what their boss said….

“They were good guys, I don’t think they were dealing drugs, selling drugs or anything to do with drugs. They were both very hardworking individuals. They had a zest for life.”

More news about the investigation about the crime of MMA fighter Sergio El Suave Salcido will be released as this story develops..

Meanwhile we want to send our condolences to his wife, her 5 year-old daughter who Sergio had adopt, the rest of his family and friends as well as to the family of Mr. Romero our prayers and thoughts go out to them throughput the terrible time.


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