Chris Jericho’s DWTS Performance In Honor of His Mother, Loretta Irvine

April 5, 2011

WWE and Dancing With the Stars contestant Chris Jericho selected a song in honor of his later mother Loretta Irvine, she was involved in a terrible accident that left her forever in a wheelchair. He nearly left the WWE and all that was related to wrestling, but Mrs. Irvine knew her son and she never allowed him to leave his dreams. It was because of her that we saw him become the great wrestler he is today. Find out more about Chris’ amazing mother and why he choose her as an inspiration for his dance on DWTS in our story below.

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During the third week of the 12th season of Dancing With The Stars, the celebrities had the opportunity to choose a song that had a special and important meaning to them. WWE wrestler Chris Jericho aka Chris Irvine chose Let It Be by The Beatles, a song he danced to in honor of his late mother’s memory. It was the same song he played at her funeral, her name was Loretta Irvine.

Loretta and her husband Ted got divorced when her son was nineteen year old, he got into wrestling because of his grandmother Jesse, but didn’t quit because of Loretta. During his wrestling training Chris received a call, he was told he needed to get home right away, his mother had been involved in a terrible car accident. When he got to the hospital, the reality that he found was overwhelming, Loretta was a quadriplegic. He decided to quit wrestling but she said “No you are not going to mess up your life because of this”. The worst was about to come, her health started to deteriorate each month at first then every week then everyday until there was one day she didn’t even recognize him. Her health worsened until December 4th, 2005 when she passed away.

In Chris’ biography, ‘A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex’, he acknowledged many important people in his life, among them was Loretta whom he said was his hero and the one person who taught him to love. During his DWTS performance with Cheryl he danced for his mother, her picture was on the stage, and for that moment the wrestler was absent and Chris Irvine, Loretta Irvine’s only son, shined!

“This dance is for my mom. I love and her and I miss her everyday and wherever she is I hope you love it, I hope you like it, mom,”

Loretta Irvine was a beautiful woman, loving and caring mother but above all was and still is an inspiration, an important part of her son’s life that follows him everywhere he goes. Her love and memory lives forever in his heart and after watching him dance in her honor her memory is also in our hearts.

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Photos: Adriana M. Barraza, Fayes Vision

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2 Responses to “Chris Jericho’s DWTS Performance In Honor of His Mother, Loretta Irvine”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    That was so sweet and amazing!

  2. 2
    Tony lewandowski Says:

    His mom was not paralyzed in a car accident she was attacked by her abusive boyfriend and took a fall down stairs