Dancing With The Stars Season 12: Third Episode Recap

April 4, 2011

Live from Hollywood! We have the Dancing With The Stars 12th season, Episode 3 recap, enjoy our opinions about all these famous celebrities’ dancing moves and share your own thoughts, let’s get started!

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Today’s episode featured the celebrities minus Mark and Lacey selecting their own music, which had to mean something special and personal to them. Ralph said the song he picked was because of his lovely wife Phyllis, who has given him 24 years of love and happiness, Awww how sweet! Chris Jericho, on the other hand, had a tragic story behind the song he picked.

Wendy Williams’ song meant her beginning in media, aka a radio DJ for 23 years plus other jobs and sleeping in her car, that’s right! So the Foxtrot was what Wendy and her fab dancing partner danced. I have to admit, I adore Wendy but I really think her feet were not giving their best tonight, she seemed distracted but she really looked gorgeous in her pretty blue dress. She does have a tremendous presence! Their score for the evening was Carrie 5, Len 5, Bruno 5 a total of 15, very low we’ll see how the others do it.

Disney’s little princess last Monday showed her great dancing moves but the judges didn’t like her choreography. This week she chose the song her boyfriend wrote especially for her so the song she danced was her love story with the cha-cha-cha and I Loved it! The song was simply perfect and she danced beautifully plus she looked so hot in her golden top and short skirt, their score was – Carrie 7, Len 8 and Bruno gave them another 8. Great Job!

And our friend Chris Jericho’s turn was up. He has done amazingly well so far, this third Monday for him the song he picked brings the memories of his mom who got involved in a car accident and later died in 2005. He nearly left wrestling but she wouldn’t let him, so that song was for his beloved mother. He danced the rumba, it’s almost unbelievable the fact hat he hasn’t danced before because his moves are insane! The song was Let it Be by the Beatles it really brought tears to my eyes. Although the judges were moved they didn’t dig the dance so much, their score was Carrie 7, Len 7, Bruno 7 a total of 21 out of 30.

Next was Kendra and Louis, without tears perhaps? The song she picked was in honor of her fab hubby Hank Baskett, who showed up at her rehearsal with her little man, Hank Baskett III, so cute. Kendra’s dance was flirty, romantic, arousing and RED! Both wore red outfits which I have to say in other situations would be a fashion fail, but in this it was superb just like their performance. Their score tonight was from Carrie 8, Len 7 and Bruno 8 a total of 23.

Romeo’s emotional song in honor of his late cousin Fred, who was like a brother to him, dancing the rumba with I’ll be There. He was so connected to the song and his partner, who by the way looked so Hot! I think he really pulled it off this night, but the score the judges gave him was from Carrie 7, Len 6 and finally Bruno gave him a 7.

Steelers player Hines Ward was up, the song he chose was in memory of his beloved and devoted mother but the pressure gained a price on him and that was noticeable in the rehearsals. Their dance however was the samba with that beautiful smile of his and that momma was really proud of his boy she was smiling with the audience, he dance phenomenal, their score was Carrie 9, Len 8 and Bruno 8, a total of 25, the highest score of the night.

Supermodel Petra Nemcova did so-so last Monday, this Monday however she chose a song that inspired her to create a foundation to help all the people from the Tsunami in Thailand. She danced the waltz which was good but perhaps a little bit boring although Len, oh yes Len loved it, surprise, surprise! Their score was Carrie 8, Len 9 and Bruno gave her an 8, OK so they indeed didn’t find it boring, you?

Sugar Ray Leonard performed a funny dance, but the judges crushed him. The song he picked was the one that inspired him to win throughout his boxing career. And like a boxing match was his performance with the rhythm of ‘My Prerogative’. He seemed to be having a great time, but I didn’t see so much of a dance from him, a little of an improvement yeah, Anna on the other hand was amazing! Sugar’s score was Carrie 7, Len 6 and Bruno 7.

Kirstie Alley’s song choice was in memory of her parents who were involved in a car accident, in that accident her mom died and her father was in critical condition. Kirstie and Maskim’s rumba started amazing but then they fell on the floor, Maks looked in pain, they continued their beautiful dance despite that fall they were sensational! And their judges really lifted up their spirits they really said sweet things to them, Bravo! Their score was 7, 7, 7 a total of 21.

Karate Kid Ralph Macchio has done amazing these past Mondays, this Monday he picked a song in honor of his lovely wife Phyllis. These two looked like synchronized swimmers, they really excelled in this performance, but the judges didn’t agree with me, I really found it sweet and romantic and definitely moving, their score was Carrie 7, Len 7, Bruno 7, a total of 21.

OK second elimination coming up tomorrow, who will go home? It’s up to you. Don’t forget to vote! But first have a look at Jericho, Kendra and Kirstie Alley’s dance videos here!

Chelsea Kane 1Chris Jericho 1 2 3Hines Ward 1 2 3 4Kendra Wilkinson 1 2 3Kirstie Alley 1 2Ralph Macchio 1 2 3

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