Snooki’s Wrestlemania Video!

April 4, 2011

Holy moly the video of Snooki on Wrestlemania is a must see and you can check it out right here my friends. I mean we all knew the girl could handle herself but man she kicked some serious you know what in the ring, you go girl!


The pint sized girl full of spit and vinegar made her Wrestlemania debut over the weekend and in true Snooki fashion she did not disappoint in the least. In fact I, who am not even a fan of the reality TV star, was even quite impressed when I saw what she did in the below video. She certainly showed that WWE girl who was boss and it was pretty freaking sweet.

I don’t want to give too much away but let me just say that the Jersey Shore girl literally a did back flip into some girl named Michelle McCool of WWE. Seriously it was Snooki’s butt in Michelle’s face. She didn’t even think twice about it, she was off and running then flipping through the air landing both cheeks on McCool. It was such an unexpected move that it made me laugh out loud when I watched it. I thought the Snookster would just come in the ring guns a blazing and punch the crap out of anyone who got in her way. I had no idea she would pull off the type of stunt she did. Like I said I was kind of impressed with the girl. I know most of what goes on in the Wrestling world is fake but it didn’t look that way to me at all so if that is the case, nice camera work.

If being a reality show fame whore ever falls through for her and lets face it, it will just look at Heidi and Spencer, then I think the Princess from Poughkeepsie could definitely have a career in the wrestling world, I am just saying. Please feel free to share your thoughts you know I love your feedback!

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Photos: Carpenter/Mr. Blue/DJDM/Judy Eddy

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