Shocking Sports Video of the Week: Zamalek Fans Attack Players At Game vs. Club Africain

April 4, 2011

Watch hundreds of Zamalek soccer club fans angrily invade the field and attack players in their second leg match against Africain, the cause? A third goal that was ruled out, see all the gruesome images in our shocking sports video of the week or maybe the first of many to come? You never know what to expect right?

Angry soccer fans

Egypt’s Zamalek faced Tunisia‚Äôs Club Africain in the first leg for the African Champions League where they lost 4-2. To win they have to defeat Africain with two goals on their side and on the second leg it seems that could be possible until….

The referee ruled out Zamalek’s third goal that could give them the victory, this got all the Zamalek fans infuriated and they were ready to take justice in their own hands, or at least that’s what the best solution they thought could be done. They invaded the field and started to pursue the referee and the players, with sticks, the fists, they also fired flares and destroyed goal posts. The match was abandoned.

Egyptian anti riot police started to get in action and the first thing they did was surround the referee and some of Tunisia’s Africain players from the angry Zamalek fans, they were able to leave the stadium in Cairo and arrived safely to their hotel. Egypt’s prime minister Essam Sharaf released an apology to the Tunisian team directives and players. He also extended an apology to the referee, remember that their renewed friendship is basically like fresh paint one wrong touch and it could be tainted forever. Sharaf also requested for the African Championship to be resumed and added he wanted an investigation about the attack.

According to reports, nine people were injured although we don’t know if there were players among those nine. And even if the Championship gets suspended I am pretty sure Africain will be awarded with the victory. Watch out Manchester United Hooligans, Zamalek Hooligans are here and they are giving you some competition. OK so the moment for you to watch the video where those Egyptian fans invade the field and attack some referee and Tunisian butt, which is shocking and inconceivable.

Angry FansAngry Fans 1Angry Fans 1 2

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