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April 4, 2011

David Beckham stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s live show and talked about many funny and interesting things, including his daughter and the names her big brother Romeo likes. All about that and so much more are in our story and in the video of the show.

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It is no mystery that many young girls and some boys have Bieber fever, David Beckham’s youngest son Romero, 8 and Cruz, 6 are among Justin’s fans. We knew that right after David sat next to Justin at a Lakers game just a few nights after he and his gorgeous boys were at his concert. It is because of their admiration that Romeo has decided his baby sister should be named Justine Bieber and before they knew she was a girl he chose Justin Bieber Beckham, at least that is what David told Jimmy when he was a guest on his show.

David was looking absolutely gorgeous dressed in an amazing black suit with a velvet shirt and brown tie, he looked so damn good and even Jimmy told him he was looking even more handsome than the last time he saw him. Becks was not alone backstage – Victoria, Romeo and Cruz were with him, while Brooklyn was at a soccer tryout. His youngsters play soccer too, but they also play baseball and even American football. When Jimmy asked him if he was worried they wouldn’t follow his steps in soccer he said he didn’t mind, what was important was they get involved in any sport.

Becks talked about the amazing joy of having a girl coming into their lives and even how a first ultrasound showed their doctor they might be having another boy until another one that clearly showed them that it is a Girl!!!!

I have always thought David as one if the most down to earth soccer players these days, I mean he takes his sons to school and picks them up too, well that is when his career allows him to. S,peaking of his career, this is his last year with Galaxy according to his contract, he and Victoria have no problem staying in the U.S, ‘he ain’t retiring’, something that we are really happy to hear him saying. Well guys have a look at David Beckham during his appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live in the videos right below, and feel free to share your thoughts!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Drew Altizer.

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