Rola El-Halabi, German Female Boxer, Shot By Stepdad

April 3, 2011

26 year-old female boxer Rola El-Halabi of Germany was shot three times, allegedly by the hand of her own stepfather, identified as Roy El-Halabi who was also her former manager. The shots were not life threatening but could put an end to her successful career. Keep reading to know all about this terrible news and latest updates.

Rola El Halabi

Rola was born in Beirut, Lebanon but holds a German citizenship since she has been living there ever since she was just a one year-old baby girl. By the time she was 9 years old she was taking Muay Thai, nearly 12 years later she was an amateur boxer and 10 years later in 2006 she turned pro. Rola holds an amazing record of 10 fights that she has won and 6 of those by knock-out.

Her stepfather Roy El-Halabi used to be her manager until this January, apparently she fired him, which judging from his latest action he wasn’t cool about getting fired and did this horrible thing as an act of revenge (allegedly of course). She was in the dressing room getting ready to fight against Bosnian Irma Balijagic Adler for the IBF lightweight title when the 44 year-old crazy man got into Rola’s dressing room, shot her in her hand, knee and feet. At the same time two security guards were injured with bullets. Her stepfather was later arrested by Berlin police.

Rola and the two guards were taken to the hospital where they would be treated with their injuries, El-Halabi’s injuries were not life threatening, and it is unclear what her future holds regarding her career.

Rola was conscious when she was taken into the ambulance, afterwards she talked about the terrible incident.

“Papa rushed into the room. He threatened us with a gun in his hand and shouted ‘Everyone out!’ And then he shot me in the hand from three meters. I cried and screamed.”

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