Supercross Racer James Mack “Bubba” Stewart Arrested for Impersonating a Cop

April 3, 2011

James Bubba Stewart might be famous for being the first African American motocross racer, but since March 28th, he is also famous for being the unlucky guy who pretended to be a cop. He allegedly pulled over a car that was filled with real police troopers, ouch!! Keep reading our story to know all about that not so funny and risky joke.

James Mack Bubba Stewart

So we were so happy to hear the news about 25 year-old Bubba Stewart, who won over 80 races before turning professional at age 18, just earlier this year in January he made an amazing comeback by placing first in Phoenix and Oakland, second at Dodger Stadium and at Indianapolis just last March, unfortunately the same month he thought it would be funny to impersonate a police officer.

It might sound like a terrific and hysterically fun joke or April Fool’s day prank what Bubba Stewart did, right? Wrong. He was driving his truck, got himself police blue and red lights and pulled over a car, he was so ready to make the perfect April Fool’s prank, but things were about to take an unexpected twist and he was the one who was going to be fooled!

So he pulled his car with his police lights next to another driver’s car but what he didn’t expect was that the car that he pulled over was occupied with real off-duty police troopers. They identified themselves as police and Stewart sped off, he was stopped by police at the Orlando Airport who arrested him and charged him with impersonating a cop, talk about bad luck.

Bubba Stewart was released after paying bail at about 2:50 a.m, at the time of the arrest he had a 44 year-old guy with him, who hid the lights in his luggage. He was also arrested and charged with tampering with evidence, no word about whether that guy was released as well. You can see some of Bubba’s picture while getting arrested here.

What do you think of this incident? Have you heard of anyone who got away with pretending to be a cop?

James Mack Bubba Stewart 1

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