Chuck Liddell and Ex-girlfriend Lori Geyer’s Custody Battle Is Getting Uglier!

April 3, 2011

Have you heard about Chuck Liddell’s new fighting opponent? His ex-wife Lori Geyer, not in the cage but in court and the reason is their son Cade. He wants full custody and she claims he kidnapped him. Things might turn uglier as you read, but so far here all the latest updates about this news.

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Chuck Liddell is getting ready to fight by far the most important fight of his life, yeap, that’s right for any parent fighting for their children it’s the most important fight of their lives no matter how successful they are in their professional life. Now it’s his turn for the Iceman to face well not his ex-wife, but ex-girlfriend and baby mama, one of them at least. You see he has two, oh yes, one is fellow MMA fighter Casey Noland who is the mother of his 14 year-old daughter Tara, his second ex is Lori Geyer, the mother of his 12 year-old son Cade, who like his older sister used to live with their mother, both remain close to their famous MMA fighter father. You might remember Cade appeared on the cover of ESPN Magazine about 4 years ago, at that time he was just an 8 year-old. You can see Cade Liddell’s picture with his dad here.

Cade, now 12, lives with Lori in Colorado. He happened to be visiting his dad this week, but he allegedly seemed depressed and didn’t want to go back to Colorado with Geyer, when asked about the reason he said he suffered from tooth ache for over 2 months, this was enough reason for Liddell to ask for his son’s “full” custody.

According to TMZ, Lori Geyer said her son’s father picked him up on March 23rd, he was dropping him back off 4 days later, but that never happened, in return she got a phone call from the Iceman’s attorney who informed her Cade was in CA where he will remain until the hearing. For Lori this was absurd and she claimed it was kidnapping.

The Ice was in court in California but the judge said the trial should be in Colorado and that is exactly where on Tuesday, both Liddell and Geyer will fight for full custody of their son. I told you this was getting messier, we will keep you informed about any updates during Tuesday’s trial.

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