MLB Opening Day: World Series Predictions 2011

March 31, 2011

It is baseball time again as the official opening day of Major League Baseball is today, woohoo! Fans all over the country are gearing up for yet another season of baseball with visions of their team making it to the World Series!

Yankee Stadium

I love me some baseball, hot dogs, beer, crazy fans all of it is awesome, especially when it comes to opening day at Yankee Stadium! Yes I am a big fan so bring on the haters. I know there are a lot of you. What can I say there is no better team in my book!

That being said clearly my personal prediction for the World Series is that the Yankees will be in it and I will be watching a game yat Yankee Stadium in October. However I know many of you will disagree with me so I want to know who you think will be playing in the championship game in the fall? It could be your team or simply just the team you think has the gusto to take home the title.

It may only be the first day of the season but who cares, heck I am already reading some predictions that the Boston Red Sox will go all the way this year. I certainly hope that is not the case for various reasons but if any of the analysis articles I am reading mean anything it could very well be true.

The fans have arrived, the first pitch has been thrown out and the 2011 baseball season is officially underway. Let the race for the big game begin and may the best team, the Yankees, win. Yes I am biased and not ashamed to admit it, I think most true fans of any team are. So share your thoughts with me on the game, your team, whatever – let’s talk baseball!

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2 Responses to “MLB Opening Day: World Series Predictions 2011”

  1. 1
    shoup Says:

    Rockies baby!

  2. 2
    Stacy Says:

    I am nervous about this year as a Rays fan… but I am just so glad baseball is back!!