NBA Legend Dominique Wilkins’ Brawl with Rashan Michel

March 31, 2011

Former NBA player Dominique Wilkins was attacked by a former basketball referee named Rashan Michel after a Hawks game, apparently money was the cause, but judging from Michel’s mugshot picture he suffered the worst, hey! Nobody messes with an NBA Legend!

Rashan Michel

51 year-old Dominique Wilkins, a former NBA player and NBA Hall of Famer (Orlando, Hawks, Celtics, Spurs and international player), currently he works as an analyst and is the vice-president of his dear former team the Hawks, it was after one of the Hawks’ games on Thursday night against Orlando at the Philips Arena that he was attacked, but no worries his attacker became the victim, I mean did you take a look at his eye? Man! That baby is going to get worse tomorrow.

His alleged attacker is 36 year-old Rashan S. Michel, who started to follow Wilkins around the court after the game resumed, at that moment a security guard tried to stop him, but Rashan attacked. He later kicked Dominique in the chest and then Michel’s eye received a brutal hit. He was arrested and charged with one count of simple battery by the Atlanta Police Department. At first it was believed he was simply a fan, but then we found out more.

A little info you might want to know about Rashan is that he is a former NBA and college referee. In college he worked from 1996-2003 in the MEAC and SWAC conferences, I assumed after that he retired from basketball and became the owner of his clothing store, which is where Wilkins allegedly met Michel. According to Michel, he made several suits for the former NBA player, some he might have paid while others he allegedly didn’t, according to the ex-referee he still owes him $17,000 for those suits. Okay so far this is what the media has been reporting about the incident, but the great guys at TMZ brings us Michel’s side of the story and man he will sue!

He said he approached Wilkins not with the purpose of hurting him, but to make a deal with him specifically, but then he allegedly got insulted by DW and he was attacked by the security guard. At that point is when he was allegedly attacked by Dominique and not the other way around and he allegedly has proof that he is telling the truth (security camera at the arena) although I very much doubt that will work in his favor when he sues Wilkins and the Hawks organization. I mean I don’t want to go ahead on things or misjudge the other part’s testimony, but when “nobody” wants to sue a major celebrity in showbiz or sports, the nobody simply doesn’t have a case!

Rashan sent a couple of tweets to DW and told him this:

RashanMichel Rashan S. Michel
@DWilkins21 pay your debts, poser.
9 hours ago

Rashan S. Michel
RashanMichel Rashan S. Michel
@DWilkins21 Watch ur back cuz!

I suggest he get a good lawyer, hey! Maybe Gloria Allred, oh not wait a second Harvey! Just kidding, but really guys, things might get a bit uglier and I don’t think for Dominique. What do you think? Who do you believe?

Dominique WilkinsRashan Michel 1

Photo: ChrisRaptis

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