Kristi Yamaguchi’s ‘Dream Big, Little Pig’ Is A New York Times Bestseller

March 30, 2011

Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi can add children’s author to her resume, as her newly released picture book, ‘Dream Big, Little Pig’ debuted at #2 on the New York Times Bestseller list earlier this month.

Kristi Yamaguchi

In this day and age where technology seems to get shoved down our throats on a daily basis, the one thing I do enjoy immensely is buying books for my kids, nieces and nephews. You can bet I will continue to head to my Barnes & Noble for these gems.

Enter Kristi Yamaguchi’s ‘Dream Big Little Pig!’. My sister bought the book for her daughter and raved about it! So what’s the premise of the story? Poppy the Pig has some big aspirations, but sometimes they just don’t turn out the way she wanted. Along the way she is supported by her family, even through her disappointment, and when she least expects it, she finds her niche in ice skating (of course!) and realizes that big dreams can come true with some determination. It’s a wonderful message to children, to believe in yourself, follow your dreams and anything is possible! The illustrations were done by Tim Bower, and according to my sister, are absolutely beautiful. My niece requests this book almost every night to be read to her at bedtime, she just adores Poppy!

When Kristi was asked why she chose a pig as the star of her book, she said, “I’m born year of the pig, so it was just a natural choice. Miss Piggy was my favorite growing up, so I felt a connection there too.” Her two little girls (Keara is 7 and Emma is 5) also had something to do with Yamaguchi penning the story, as she said:

“I love to see the joy they get from reading, and from their favorite books and so I thought I would be fun to have mommy write a book for them.”

So go out there and purchase your copy today! You surely will not be disappointed!

Kristi Yamaguchi Kristi Yamaguchi Kristi Yamaguchi Kristi Yamaguchi Kristi Yamaguchi

Photos: Nelson, Apega, Patricia Schlein, Adriana M. Barraza, Nikki Nelson

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    Stacy Says:

    Aww yea! I love good kids’ books!