Bianka Kamber, Kris Humphries’ Ex-Girlfriend, Is A Kim Kardashian look-alike

March 30, 2011

Meet Bianka Kamber, she is a stunning nurse, Kim Humphries’ ex-girlfriend who has also been referred to as Kim Kardashian’s look- alike and now she also warns Kim about the pain she will be endure if she marries Kris, oh, oh I smell drama. Keep reading to know all about Bianka and what is she warning Kim about!!

Bianka Kamber

So the gal pictured above is Bianka Kamber, like we told you before she is a nurse and she also used to date the 26 year-old New Jersey Nets power forward who is now Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend. On April 8 he will be Kim’s fiancee? According to Ok Magazine friends close to Kris and her celebrity girlfriend will soon get engaged, he is currently looking for “The Ring” to pop the big question, they also added that both are completely and absolutely head over heels in love for each other, which is great for them I mean we love Kim and adore our guy Kris, but someone in his past is not so happy to hear about this and according to her she is actually worried for KK which is why she is sending her a warning.

Ok so let’s cut to the chase on who Bianka is! A little intro on her, we know that she is a nurse from Toronto, Canada who dated the NBA player for approximately two years, friends close to Ms. Kamber described their relationship…..

They said he was the first one in the relationship to say the L word first, (certainly us girls know we should wait for them to say it first, except if you want to scare them away) and he was the one who kept telling Kamber she was the one who taught him what love was about (which if that is true worked pretty well for KK), and he was also the one who kept bringing the wedding topic every time until she (BK) continued to plan a small really private wedding. But then he allegedly dumped her without saying goodbye, Boom! Just like that, these friends also added that girls sent her notes about them allegedly being with Kris, and wait it’s not over she remembered that he used to make fun of her for watching Keeping up with the Kardashians who had just talked about Kim’s tape, Ouch! But let’s hear those sources’ exact words…

“They talked about marriage, big time, He was the one to bring it up. He’d always say, ‘I’d love for you to be the mother of my kids. Kris was the first to say ‘I love you, He’d tell her things like, ‘I’ve never known what it was like to fall in love and care for somebody, and if there was ever that feeling, that’s the way I feel about you.’”

“Eventually, she [Bianka] was thinking marriage too. They both wanted a very small, personal, intimate wedding, with just immediate family. And when he was traded he was gone. “Bianka’s birthday passed and she never heard from him!” and about those women sending her notes, “had women messaging her, claiming to have been with him, that he was cheating.”

So after all those bad things that happened to her she is worried Kim will have the same fate and she is warning her, telling her she will get her heart broken if she continues with her relationship with Humphries. So what do yo think Kim will do? Do you think Bianka is really a Kim Look-alike? Maybe without make-up? Check out their pictures and be the judge!

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Photos: DJDM

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