Todd Bertuzzi’s Elbow To Ryan Johnson’s Head – Check Out The Video

March 29, 2011

Detroit Red Wings player Todd Bertuzzi hit Chicago Blackhawks’ Ryan Johnson pretty badly, will he face suspension? Or will he not? How about a fine? Have a look at all the latest updates about that news and don’t miss Bertuzzi elbowing Johnson in the video and tell me how you would punish the Canadian hockey player.

Todd BertuzziRyan Johnson

36 year-old Canadian player Todd Bertuzzi received a 5 minute major penalty after he brutally crushed 34 year-old Chicago Blackhawks’ center Ryan Johnson with an elbow hit to his head. The hit was so hard that his helmet went flying and ended up rolling beside where he lay completely in pain.

I guess he never knew what hit him, one minute he was about to clear the puck and the next he was on the floor with a pretty bad concussion to his red head, after I watched that video I was sure Bertuzzi was getting at least a 2 game suspension, but then again the NHL has proven to me and everyone else who expects them to take the appropriate action against these players wrong. These dirty players don’t care how badly they will tackle another team’s player, I mean see what happened to Matt Cooke who also put his elbow on a player and he has done it several times. The NHL has done Nada about it, but there is always hope hah? Are you losing yours like I am?

And as suspected but hoping it wouldn’t be happening, the NHL won’t suspend Todd, I guess I am overreacting even Johnson thought Todd’s elbow wasn’t intentional It seems that he even apologized for his action.

“I don’t think it was malicious, “He was very apologetic. He came in here.” said Johnson.
Red Wings coach released the following statement. “I talked to the league – no suspension for Bert.”

And so no suspension ’cause there was no harm done, but hell! We can always look at the video, right? Did you see it already? If so tell me do you think it was unintentional? What would you have done in the NHL’s place? I love your comments!

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One Response to “Todd Bertuzzi’s Elbow To Ryan Johnson’s Head – Check Out The Video”

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    Stacy Says:

    That was totally intentional… hockey is way too violent!