Barry Bonds’ Mistress Kimberly Bell: “He Threatened To Cut Out My Implants”

March 29, 2011

Barry Bond’s trial is currently in progress and his former mistress is testifying against him. What did she say about him threatening to cut her implants because he paid for those? Did he also threaten to cut her head off? Find out all of Kimberly’s allegations in our story below.


So earlier this month we found out the trial against the former slugger was on its way and one of the witnesses ready to testify was his former alleged mistress Kimberly Bell. She had spoken about his mood changes, physical changes and so many more shocking revelations like his voicemail messages, you do remember that right? If not you can check it out here.

In the trial, Kimberly was called to the stand to testify, what she said about Bonds was in a very bad light. Ms. Bell described she met him on July 3, 1994, at the Candlestick Park through Kathy Hoskins, a former employee of the former slugger, Ms. Hoskins also testified, she said she saw several times Bonds trainer who also carried a bag with him, he and Barry would allegedly lock themselves in a room, allegedly all of those times the trainer Greg Anderson would inject him, that same guy refused to testify so he was jailed.

Ms. Bell’s testimony included the threats she received from her at the time boyfriend, which consisted of threatening to cut her head off and drop her at a ditch, cut her implants out because he had paid for them and even to burn her house which he also helped pay for. Again, allegedly.

She added a most detailed description of his physical changes due to his steroid use that included back acne, excessive hair on the chest that ended up turning gray, problems on his scalp that also ended up falling out and finally alleged erectile dysfunction probably because his testicles shrunk, poor fella if you thought he is having the worst time of his life now think again I think for any guy getting his nuts shrunk down to the size of a marble must be his worst nightmare.

Kimberly is not the only one whose testimony can be used as evidence of his alleged steroid use, San Francisco Giants manager’s testimony also suggested he allegedly used them, he said Bonds’ head grew during the time he played for the Giants which also is a side effect of the hormones, because of his bigger head they had to serve him with a bigger hat, Oh My, I am trying hard not to laugh now, you? OK if you want to read further about Bonds’ trial click here.

Share your thoughts about this story and tell me do you think she is taking advantage of this case? Do you believe her? Do you think he really used steroids? You can see the video Kimberly Bell in court provided below.


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