Dancing With The Stars Season 12: Week 2 Recap (Video)

March 28, 2011

Welcome to our second recap of this 12th season of Dancing With The Stars, who will get eliminated tomorrow? Sugar? Mark? Chelsea? Kirstie? How did they do during this second week? Find out in this amazing story below.


Sugar Ray and Anna came up first and I have to say he definitely is more loose and relaxed. He’s certainly enjoying it, I mean that face showed he was having a blast, his feet looked in the right place and great position, but then again the judges gave them.. Carrie 6, Len 5, Bruno 6 their total is 17, oh, man I expected a higher score, boo-hoo!

Kendra and Louis’ turn were coming up, last Monday they did a tremendous job, I was wondering if they could pull it off again with the quick step, Kendra had a little melt down in rehearsal, she looked too nervous, insecure but still she looked stunning in her long blue dress. Their score was Carrie 7, Len 6, and Bruno 6 total of 19.

Disney’s sweetheart Chelsea and Mark did so-so last week with the fox-trot, I hoped to see them doing better and they did! It was so entertaining, funny and both looked and danced amazingly well, so in tune with the music and the audience loved it, but even so the judges thought it was good, liked it, said they had potential but also thought it was inappropriate, Blah! Their score from Carrie was 6, Len 5, and Bruno 7, a total of 18.

Our WWE guy Chris Jericho and Cheryl’s turn was up, they danced beautifully last week, I actually was surprised to see him dance so well, I expected him to be stiff, but they were a great surprise. This week they danced the quick step, they surprised me again, perhaps the best performance so far, he always looks so dreamy and happy, that smile stayed on his face the entire time! A standing ovation was given after they finished and his lovely wife Jessica looked so proud of her man. Did I like it? I love it I mean I am practically dancing as I write, LOL! Ok so do you want to know their score? Carrie Ann gave them an 8, Len 8 and Bruno gave them 8, their total was 24.

Petra Nemcova and Dmitry – just one word Hot!! I mean what else can you say when you see beautiful Petra in a two piece suit, although their performance, not hot at all! She looked uncoordinated and insecure but I guess her hotness will add some points, the judges gave them the following score Carrie 6, Len 6 and Bruno 6, I guess the judges agreed with Moi!

Kirstie and Maksim scored 23 points last Monday, with the quick step they did it great, provocative, interesting and so comfortable with each other, new couple? Nah! I guess not, but they are a fantastic dancing couplet, the judges actually said only good things about their performance, in conclusion they gave them Carrie 7, Len 6, Bruno 7, total of 20.

Then it was the turn for the couple who had to turn the heat off the stage from ABC, that’s right Lacey and Mike who apparently are the duo with the most overwhelming chemistry in the competition, but are they also keeping that Chemistry off the stage? Ok so judging for their performance I have to say that they didn’t turn the heat down, but they danced fabulous, so coordinated and hot!!!!!! Their score was Carrie gave a 6, Len 5 and Bruno another 6.

Romeo and Chelsie showed he had potential with the Cha-cha, this week with the quick step, he really looked like he tried too hard and frankly I got bored! I think Chelsie tried so hard to make him look good and overshadowed her grace. Their score was 7, 8, 8 a total of 23, a grand total of 40 between these two weeks. Not bad, but not great either.

Last week’s second to last place dancers were Wendy and Tony, a jumpy quick dance I guess was too jumpy for her breasts’ taste, (she was afraid too many jumps will help gravity do its thing to her breasts), I have to add she did well, a beautiful smile on her face, confidence and funny, great hilarious story after that dance! A real improvement for them Way to Go!!! Their score was 6, 5, 6 a total of 17 and 30 for both Mondays.

Ralph Macchio and Karina became royalty last Monday, I really love to see their rehearsals, I guess that I still am a little Karate Kid struck. He is amazing, so down to earth and Karina is so beautiful, great thing is she is a sports WAG, and their dance was O-my-God!! Amazing, the audience screamed although Len didn’t like it. I like to pretend he didn’t make fun of him, he is so cruel! A little tip Ralph received for the second time watch his hand, I thought his hands were so graceful, but their score was 7, 7, 7 a total of 21. I say poor decision!!

NFL star Hines and Kym were on the stage at this time, last week he was exuberant, a great surprise for all of those who thought he was going to be like a robot and he definitely left one thing clear he was not ready to go home! This Monday’s performance was superb, smooth and flirty, like it! Their score was 8, 7, 8 a total of 23, I guess they placed second behind Chris Jericho and Karina.

Elimination is coming up tomorrow, don’t forget to vote, who do you think will be going home? We will see you next Monday, but be sure you come back tomorrow, we will be talking about Dancing With The Stars Season 12 and the first Elimination! Meanwhile check out Kendra, Jericho and Chelsea Kane’s dance videos.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Judy Eddy, JDJM, The Media Circuit

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