Is Ozzie Canseco Taking Twin Brother Jose Canseco’s Place? Early April Fool’s Day Prank or Not?

March 28, 2011

Ozzie Canseco is Jose Canseco’s twin identical brother, he is not nearly as famous as his Celebrity Apprentice bro, so is that the reason why he is taking his brother’s place in a boxing match? How did people find out he was not Jose? What else do we know about Ozzie? Who is the older twin? Is he married? Keep reading and you will find out about these and so much more!

Ozzie Canseco

Ok first things first and I know you are all dying to hear about the change of roles between the twin Canseco brothers Jose and Ozzie. So Ozzie’s famous brother was allegedly paid $5,000 in advance to show up at the Hard Rock nightclub Saturday in Hollywood, Florida for a boxing match with Damon Feldman, for some bizarre reason he didn’t show up, but he was not in the mood to give the money back so what did he do? Sent his double and we are talking about Ozzie, everything was going great until one photographer realized the Canseco brother boxing was missing his arm tattoo and didn’t have any mark left after removing it either, so could that be possible? The only way that could have happened was that the guy there was not Jose but his twin brother Ozzie. Are you sad about not having a fight, but wait a second cheer up, there will be one between them and the famous celebrity boxing promoter who was said to be disgusted by the prank, wait what if that was Jose’s April fool’s Day? Okay, that might not be a good one, even for me!

So here is how this brawl is going, Mr. Feldman said he did pay 5 grand in advance, the other 5 would be upon arrival, Ozzie pretended to be his bro and kept asking for the money in cash before the fight. Mr. Feldman said he was going to pay him with a check for business reasons, but he didn’t agree to a check and kept asking for the cash. Today, after feeling like a complete fool, Mr. Feldman said he won’t paid the other 5 and has demanded the initial payment back!

Jose, for his part went to Twitter where between pretending to be Gary Busey’s son’s Argentinean boyfriend in the Apprentice, warned his followers to be careful if they’ll be fighting for Feldman – “’cause he ain’t paying you!”

And what did DF said?

“I’ve worked with him before, except now I’ve got to look back at the pictures at the time and look if I ever really met Jose Canseco.”

According to the great guys at ESPN, Ozzie has taken Jose’s place in the past, he allegedly has played his brother at signings for books and baseball cards.

Aside from his past as a twin double what else do we know about Ozzie Canseco? Oh we can tell you that the 42 year old Cuban is a former MLB player, he was drafted in 1983 by the Yankees. In 1991 he played with Oakland and three years later he was with the St. Louis Cardinals. After that short time in baseball he has been playing a bad boy with the police department, alleged battery in 2003, possession of drugs and driving with a suspended license the following year and DUI just this past January.

What do you think will happen now? Do you know of another time Ozzie has taken Jose’s place? Check out their pictures, they have a few differences.

Ozzie Canseco 1Jose Canseco

Photos: Fayes Vision

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